3 Best Sump Pump Cleaners – What to Use

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A clogged sump pump can cause serious problems. Cleaning it should be a priority for any homeowner.

There are a number of different ways to clean your sump pump, so we put together this list of cleanup products to help make the job a little easier.

Best Sump Pump Cleaners

Top 3 most recommended are:

Cleaning with Vinegar

If you don’t want to deal with the harsh smell of bleach, vinegar is also an effective disinfectant. The easiest way to use vinegar is to fill a spray bottle and bring along a sponge when doing your scraping.

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You can use vinegar to clean the floor in pretty much the same way you would bleach. Household vinegar works best, but you can also use the kind of vinegar you use for cooking if you don’t have any other bottles.

You can easily clean your sump pump, and you can do it quickly, too. Vinegar is the best emergency cleaner because it’s cheap, readily available, and effective.

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Best Sump Pump Cleaners

Cleaning with Bleach

Bleach can kill many types of bacteria and germs, so it’s a good way to clean your sump pump.

Wiping down a sump pump with hot water and bleach is a sure fire way to kill bacteria and germs that may be living in the dark damp pit. Add 3-4 capfuls of bleach to your hot water and scrub away!

Worried that bleach will damage your cast iron sump pump? Cast iron and thermoplastic sump pumps can safely be cleaned with bleach.

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Cleaning the Drain Pipe

Cleaning both the pump and the basin is just as important as cleaning the pipe. Every few months you should pour a few buckets of water down the discharge pipe just to makes sure everything is flowing normally! It’s also a good idea to disinfect as much of the exterior and interior of the pipe – including check valve – as possible. Remember – pipe problems can cause just as many repairs as pump problems.

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