TOP 5 Best SubWoofer with KEF LSX Speakers for Small & Big Homes

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Are you planning on buying the KEF LSX speakers for your home or already own one already?

When I got mine, I couldn’t help but notice the low end frequency and the bass response was not good enough for me. At least not like I would like in a Subwoofer.

So, I decided to get some sub’s to complement it and now, I have decided to share my list with you for FREE *Smiles*.

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Best SubWoofer with KEF LSX

  • Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer, Built-in Amplifier (Black)

I was surprised at how strong this subwoofer is and the tone plus finish is clean and sleek. It blends well with my all white furniture and theme.


I totally recommend this product if you desire a subwoofer that is deep, rich, and full sounding bass. I’m so glad with my purchase and would definitely love to buy again.

Do not let the price point discourage you. In the case of this subwoofer, you pay for what you receive.

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On my first play, it feels like a story built product with enough power to not only power my computer but also fill a room with great sound.

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  • SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer (Piano Gloss Black) – 12-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Sealed Cabinet

Second on the list of top recommended subwoofer with KEF LSX is the SVS SB-1000. This sound box has never disappointed my ears.


Before this I was using an Energy 10” and a B&W 10” (SW-10?) and they disappointed me. My SVS SB-1000 boom speakers produce more full sounds.

The bass features a punch, that is not too rumbly in nature. I’ve had trouble with subs sounding distorted in the past.

Happy to let you now that the problem was gone with this subwoofer. I quickly uncovered that sweet spot quite fast, and haven’t had reason(s) to touch that dial since.

My speakers are rated down to 50hz. As I type this, I am somewhere between 50-70hz (60?) with the volume a bit below 50%.

In terms of playing music, this sub does a wonderful job, as it is sealed and not ported. For movies, it performed beyond my expectations.

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It can get quite low, and might still wake your neighbors up. But, it does not intrude in your sound space. It seems to disappear and matches well with any audio source I throw at it.

Today, I ordered the Samsung 4K Blu-ray player with the Mad Max Fury, San Andreas, The Martian, and Life of Pi – all in 4K.

I’ve watched Mad Max Fury so far, and it was joy to listen to. I cannot wait to watch the other movies!

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The only con I noticed was a cutoff for a very deep bass (sub 35hz). This isn’t a deal breaker to me as this sub has gotten me back into loving subs again! It sounds really good.

  • KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer Black

The KEF KUBE 8b Subwoofer Black is aesthetically built and is compact too. Bass is really tight and quick too.

This integrated really well with my LS50 speakers and gave me no issues at all. Crossover set at 80hz.


I replaced my former Dual 10 Sony subwoofer with this and saw immediate improvement that exceeded expectations.


Tight undistorted Bass

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Simple to set up

Good Looking

Rated down to 24hz +/- 3db.


Subwoofer lacks a removable cover

  • Monitor MRW-10 Subwoofer, Walnut (230-240V EU/UK)

This performs its role well. It’s a wonderful product. I purchased it for listening to music rather than to fill a large room. If you need to fill a larger space, then I would consider the 200W unit, but this subwoofer is really strong and produces great sounds.


The instructional manual isn’t so helpful – you get 3 books that tells you nothing you need to know –

the only instruction refers to using with an AV receiver – where it says press Auto Tune – other than that nothing, so very poor on this point from Audio Monitor. But if you know what you are doing then it works fine.

In case anyone from their company is reading this, this product can be improved by moving the On/Off switch above the volume 7 frequency controls, and no On indication lamp.

What do you think of this best subwoofers with KEF LSX?

Would you like to add one or two things to this best subwoofer with KEF LSX review? Let us know in the comment section below!

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