So, Which is the Best Subwoofer for Rock and Metal Music at Home?

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If you love rock and metal like I do, then I have a SECRET to share with you today! No, it’s not tickets to your favorite concerts! However, you’re going to find out what the best subwoofer for rock and metal music less than $1000 is.

The Best Subwoofer for Rock and Metal Music Under $500 Reviews

I had the privilege to try out 5 unique subwoofers to see if they rocked as my AXL Rose. But, I also picked out some other sub that I think performed cool and well too.

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1: Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer2: KEF KUBE 12b Subwoofer

2: Polk DSW PRO 440 WI Subwoofer

3: Samsung SWA-W700 Sound+ Subwoofer

4: Audioengine S8 Black 8-inch Powered Subwoofer

5: ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer

6: Niles 1200 Watts Subwoofer Black

7: Monolith 10 Inch Powered Subwoofer

  • KLIPSCH R-110SW SUBWOOFER – Best Compact Subwoofer for Rock and Metal



Spots 80s look

Super simple to setup and use

Produces amazing sound

Price is unbeatable


The style may not be what you want

Definitely not the largest subwoofer

I generally tell people that you never can go wrong with any Klipsch piece of audio equipment and that proves true in the case of the Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer.

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For well under $500, this music box sounds well and looks cool too. He black ash screams metal! The size is neither too big or too small.

On first try, It produces decent bass and kickass sound and as continued to produce such in a little space. The compact nature makes it great too.

This 450 watts of power is one of the reasons it made it into our best subwoofer for rock and metal music under $500 list and we are already onto a winner.

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  • POLK DSW PRO 440 WI SUBWOOFER – Best Small Room Subwoofer for Metal and Rock



Has a cool design

Offers both down and front firing

Perfect for a more modest sized room

Comes with remote control that provides you with lots of control over the sound.


Not great for a super large room

Price seems a bit high compared to other Polk models out there

This is an 8-inch subwoofer that offers 300 watts of power of thumping sounds! I was quite impressed when I played a Metallic kick.

The build quality is great. Ideal for smaller room, but do not expect to shake the house with this speaker. The remote actually makes it easy to control settings.

  • SAMSUNG SWA-W700 SOUND+ SUBWOOFER – Best Samsung Subwoofer for Rock and Metal



Completely wireless

Seamless design is super cool

Sound quality is actually good

Works great with other Samsung products


Settings cannot be changed.

Only really ideal with other Samsung products

Do you love Samsung stereo equipment? Then not to worry, the Samsung SWA-W700 Sound+ Subwoofer will rock your socks off.

The design is a seamless one and super silky smooth. Samsung has created this while keeping their bookshelf and sound bar speakers in mind so it connects wirelessly.

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I couldn’t notice any distortion at all while in use. However, there was no way I could change the settings. All I could change here was the overall volume.

This is not great as when I listen to certain albums (pretty much anything from Bon Jovi) I like to play around a bit with my sound settings.

  • AUDIOENGINE S8 BLACK 8-INCH POWERED SUBWOOFER – Best Rock and Metal Subwoofer for Beginners


Dual fantastic designs

Price has been set reasonably

It comes with some serious power

Has simple to get the settings just the way you want


It is not the most imposing looking subwoofer

Tough to choose between black and white!

This showcase subwoofer comes in two versions – black and white. It is an 8-inch subwoofer that still retains power.

Once I got it out of the box, I tested it with a CD by The Almighty, a Scottish Rock band who are super awesome.

I tried it at all sound levels and even as I cranked it up bit by bit, I never noticed any form of distortion at all. On the back, you will see volume dials so you can set it just the way you want.

The overall build quality is very impressive and in general, for such a small subwoofer it packs one hell of a punch.

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  • ELAC DEBUT 2.0 SUB3010 400 WATT POWERED SUBWOOFER – Top Recommended Subwoofer for Metal and Rock Music


Redefined the 80s style

It is produced with durable wood

It does not get dirty and dusty easily

The asking price considering the tech is reasonable


Some users have encountered issues with the app

It really is dependent on the app

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The ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer has a very nice black design, a design that speaks 80s style.

In terms of performance, I was super goofed when I blast some Guns n Roses out of this. It uses a custom driver – one that uses a passive driver along the main one and the 10-inch woofer adds a real punch to whatever it is you’re playing.

To control this subwoofer, you need to download an app but aside from this, it sounded quite alright out of the box.



Packed with loads of features

Price point is fair

It comes with some good tech inside of it

All the dials you need on the back


There aren’t  many reviews for this online

Design might be something you do not like

The Niles 1200 Watts Subwoofer Subwoofer Black made out list of best subwoofer for rock and metal music under $500 list because:

It has an interesting design idea.

The sound it produces feels very real, raw and punchy

There are dials at the back to fine tune it just the way you want.


The Monolith 10 inch powered subwoofer is made with high quality black HDF material and all the reviews I have read say it has a really strong build quality to it.

I know we are looking for the best subwoofer for rock music, but this one here is THX certified, super loud and has no distortions at all.

What is the Best Subwoofer For Rock And Metal Music Under $500?

Although we have checked out some of the best subwoofer for rock and metal music under $700 today, the two that really stand out are the

Audioengine S8 Black 8-inch Powered Subwoofer and Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer.

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