Best Subwoofer for Metal Music – Feel the Bass and Kicks!

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Do you want to upgrade your car stereo and looking to get better sounding subwoofers into it while dishing out some of the best metal sound that makes you come alive and sound loud as hell? You’re in the right place!

The subwoofers discussed here today deliver metal in its raw form and allow the kick drums hit you like a jackhammer. We recommend getting a Kicker Amplifier to power them…rated at 300 watts RMS.

Best Subwoofer for Metal Music

  • Infinity Kappa Perfect 600 – 6-1/2” Component Speaker System

I own an Infinity Kappa Perfect 12” sub in a little sealed enclosure in my Lumina and boy do they sound great.

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The kick drums crawl your chest in and listening to Dead Heart in a Dead World in it sounds perfect.


One word for these – they hit the sweet spot really quick. We recommend pairing with a good AMP (Focal, Hertz, High End Stuff,) and a good head unit.

DEH 80PRS is one you should consider getting.

Ensure all your music is in 320 KBPS and on the flash drive. Never use RCA, Aux, or Bluetooth.

Dave Ramsey says:

These are one of the best speakers I have bought. I own 200W RMS going to each side and they simply deliver the rock music without any form of distortion at 100% volume.

I totally recommend these. They are money well spent and scream loud too.

  • KICKER 43TC104 10″ 300W Subwoofer + Sub Box + Boss R1100M 1100W Amp +Amp Kit

This is yet another top subwoofer for metal music that is worth the price. If what you’re searching for is bottom-end bass to a non-amplified, stock system, then go for this.

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You can tweak the setup of this woofer to meet your needs. The sounds deliver same sound like my expensive systems. The only con is, if you decide to use an amplifier on the door speakers, you’re going to need to purchase a better amp to get more out of this sub.

  • Infinity Reference 8632CFX 6″x8″ 2-Way Car Speakers – Pair

I installed these recently into a 2010 F-150 super cab with stock head unit (not nav or sony) and I’m really loving the sound that comes out of them.

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While playing the songs, I could tell that I would enjoy better power if they are clear at louder volumes and have a pretty good amount of bass.

They are definitely a nice upgrade from stock speakers and I am glad i bought them.

Aside getting the Infinity Reference 8632CFX, you should get a pack of sound deadening sheets too. A door kit is more than enough to make a difference.

My favorite choice is the Audio Technix because of its effective, easy-to-apply deadener that’s reasonably priced. I use Alpha Damp, which is one of the most expensive choices if you don’t buy it on sale.

So, what do you think of our Best subwoofer for metal music in cars? Do you have a recommendation? Let us know in the comment section below!

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