TOP RATED AMP & Best Subwoofer for Ford Fiesta

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Everyone might be happy with their premium stereo but if you’re a bass head like me, you might be seeking a little more.

Best Subwoofer for Ford Fiesta

  • Infinity Basslink 200-Watt, Dual 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer System (Black)

The build quality is high and the sound it makes is amazing. Every song I play on it comes out wonderfully well.

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The bass is an extension of the sound and I cannot exactly tell which direction it is coming from, which is what I was kinda hoping for.

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It is not overpowering and does not drown out the other speaker’s tones. I can decide to make it louder, can make it boom, but that’s not my musical taste.

At -8 set, it hits hard when the low pass frequencies call for it like Super Bon Bon by Soul Couphing or it is softly felt and present in songs like Perfect Moment by Darden Smith.

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All of these can be achieved without changing a single setting. I am more than satisfied with this self-powered subwoofer and its AMP. I couldn’t have asked for more.

  • Alpine Type R 12 Inch 2250 Watt Max 4 Ohm Round Car Audio Subwoofer %7C R%2DW12D4

There’s not much that can be said about this other than it’s in a class by itself. This subwoofer is amazing.


I replaced my friend’s type S sub with this one and I was pretty much blown away by the difference in performance and sound of this type R.

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Best AMP for Ford Fiesta Subwoofer

  • Alpine MRP-M500 – Alpine Monoblock 500 Watt RMS Power Amplifier

This AMP doesn’t get too hot and it supplies your sub with the right power it needs. My only dissatisfaction with this product is that when the volume is tuned up, it takes its toll on my electrical system which sucks.


But, you pretty much can still have a conversation with someone in the car while keeping it at a normal playing level.

Overall, it’s a good value amplifier. Reliable and easy to use.l

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