TOP QUALITY? 3 Best Subwoofer for Bose S1 Pro

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We recommend you pick the 12” B1200D Pro because if the high pass filter on its output. You simply put it ahead of the s1 so the S1 doesn’t use up too much energy trying to reproduce the lows.

You can use it alongside 2 L1 compact. I believe this is the best solution. No additional gear needed. You can simply use the mixer of the S1. It can still use the first 2 channels for signals that don’t need the sub.

Also the B1200D fits because of its weight and size.

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Best Subwoofer for Bose S1 Pro

  • Behringer B1200D

The Behringer B1200D features two “output” options that is a “pass through” with which the whole signal range passes through the sub and to the output and another that comes at 100hz.


I originally bought this subwoofer to supplement dual 12” Main speakers for my sound system. When used alone, these speakers aren’t bad, but lacked the low-end punch I was searching for. This Behringer sub filled that need resulting in a full spectrum coverage of the sound frequencies.

The sonic results are really good so far.


The sound quality is satisfying

I love the dual output options and discovered it to be a highlight of the sub. For instance, I use the Output A option to run into both Mains. The output boasts of a 100 Hz low pass filter that reduces the strain on the Mains and I can now run them at a higher volume without distortion/breakup.

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The Overall construction seems very solid


It does not do 500 watts as advertised. My results got 125-150 watts RMS. That means it is not as powerful as advertised.

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  • Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP 12″ 1200W Powered Subwoofer

This sub is super lightweight and small yet packing power for a 5 piece band playing at outdoors and at bars.

This sub has proven to be one of the best sub for the money. If you’re unsure about this sub, I recommend you should get it.


The EV sub is amazing with loads of loud bass in bars. I use it for solo gigs anytime I run backing tracks and the low end really thumps. Kick drum, bass, all cut through this and you can definitely feel the low end.

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Best Amplifier for Bose S1 Pro Packs Power!

Now that we’re done with our picks of the best subwoofer for Bose s1 Pro, let’s check out the top AMP’s.

  • Bose Power Amplifier

This is a wonderful addition to Bose L1 model2. The sound is amazing and lets the bass to be split into two locations.


Lightweight compact and puts a good strong sound. The sound has been balanced and it perfroms as advertised. The size is great too.

So, which is the best subwoofer for Bose s1? We pick the B1200D. I’ve used it with a pair of Alto Troupers and the S1. It works great and is a lot of ‘bang for the buck’.

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