TOP 3 Best Subwoofer for Bose 301

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Like you, many people encountered issues with picking the best subwoofer for Bose 301. We’ve done all the hard work research for you and are glad to present you 3 of our top picks!

TOP 3 Best Subwoofer for Bose 301

  • Klipsch SW-350 8-Inch 350 Watt Subwoofer (Black)

The sound this subwoofer delivers is superb! We recommend keeping the volume knob 1/3 of the way turned up and it produces just the right level of bass to round out your theater setup without causing much issues with your neighbors!

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The low ends it makes are both tight and crisp. Plus, the standby feature works without any hassle. It comes with a blue light at the front of the unit and a visual indicator that comes on and off to ensure standby functionality.

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I rate these 5 stars! It comes with rubber attachment that can be placed on the feet to make it balanced on hard floors.

  • Dayton Audio RSS210HF-4 8″ Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm4

This is an high quality product that is much lower in frequency and has more output down there. Both the driver and the cheaper double V.C. 8” are able to match the speed of the speakers, but this HF4 offers more solid foundation under the Cometes.


I recommend you buy this product. It gives value higher than price.

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  • MartinLogan Dynamo 1000W 12-inch Wireless Ready Subwoofer (Single, Black)

The bass from this speaker is A+. I need to keep it at half volume so it doesn’t blow out my living room windows. I already have it in a 250-300sqft living room and the bass fills my room with ease at half volume and more.


The sound is really deep and clear. You can feel the boom physically cave in your chest. This box is small for its 1000w rating.

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