3 Best Subwoofer for BMW 3 Series, E46, E60, E80 Too

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Do you own a E46, E60, E80 or any of the BMW series, and need a subwoofer to use alongside it?  We recommend trying out some of the best subwoofer for BMW Series.

Best Subwoofer for BMW 3 Series

  • Focal IFBMW-S 2-Way Component BMW Dedicated Kit

This subwoofer performs consistently well, dishes out a nice, neutral bass, and you can feel the bass deeply in the seats.

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The Focal IFBMW-S speakers perform so much better than the stock BMW speakers. Installation of these speaker is nice and easy if you have the right tools and are patient enough.

It comes with a star screwdriver and a pry tool. If you need to install the tweeters then you will sorta need a Philips and a drill with 10mm and 4mm bits.

No doubt, the IFBMW-C impressed me.

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  • JL Audio 12W3v3-4

You could never go wrong with the JL brand. I had it in my trunk for a while and it sounded awesome as I tried to replace the home theatre sub driver with a 12” JL driver so it sounds better.

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I could not imagine the result for starters. I had it in my trunk and it sounded really good so I thought why not replace the home theatre sub driver with a 12″ JL driver its might sound better.

The result has blown my heart away! The bass is tight and accurate. I love it, and recommend to anyone who wants a good for home theater.

The bass are tight and accurate. Love it, and recommended to anyone who wants a good sub for home theater to give these a trial.

  • 13TW5V2-4 – JL Audio 13.5″ 4-Ohm 600W Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

The result of this speaker is amazing, It’s super smooth drum hits and deep, rich lows. It can effortlessly play as loud as I can stand (however, I’m not keen on waking my neighborhood).

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It’s a bit costly but certainly a unique product that worked well for what I was looking for.

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  • Kicker L7R 10 Inch 1000W Max Power 2 Ohm DVC Square Car Audio Subwoofer, Black

It sounds crisp and tight, not overpowering and rib rattling like many L7’s, which is perfect for listening to scream/rock music.

All of these speakers are what we recommend for the best subwoofer for BMW Series, E46, E60, E80 and many more.

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