4 Best Subwoofer for a Small Room – COMPACT & GOOD!

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Not everyone can afford the luxury of a large space, if you live in a small apartment but still want to enjoy the luxury of owning a sub, here are the top best subwoofers for a small room.

Best Subwoofer for a Small Room Apartment

So, sit back, relax and enjoy our pick of the best compact subwoofers for home:

  • Paradigm Cinema Sub



Deep bass, tight and high SPL bass output from an 8-inch subwoofer

Really small sized and has a classy look

Bass accuracy and clarity will blow your mind.


It is tempting to buy more than one because this cinema sub is so good!

Sub can’t reach into the lowest frequencies (i.e. – below 30hz).

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For its price point , this subwoofer shreds big, sloppy, budget subs in terms of SPL levels and bass accuracy.

This compact paradigm sub completely hits hard and seems to get a noticeable boost in the 40-60hz range, making it sound much bigger than it actually is.

It is a beauty to look at and the build will serve you for many years to come. The feet can be mounted bottom or side, depending on your placement preference.

It sounds awesome with all movie and music types, which is rare for any sub. I love the features it brings to the table.

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  • Velodyne MicroVee 6.5-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Black)

I played with it connected to my home theater and loved the performance. It is perfect for small to medium sized rooms when used within their limit.


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Overall, this is a great little sub, and is well made, looks good and is simple to hide due to its diminutive size. Yes, it is pricey but in my opinion worth it.

  • SVS SB12-NSD

This SVS sub is a major upgrade from my previous sub – the Polk PSW303B. The SVS has been a huge lifesaver.

The bass it produces is not as “boomy”. Rather, it is always in control – has no distortion, just nice, crisp bass. It also features lower frequencies and not just hear them.

The price also makes it much better than competing subs. Fir clean, tight bass that extends down low and delivers each bass explosion or beat with authority, I believe this would be best for the money.

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  • Niles SW8 Wireless Powered 1200 Watt Home Subwoofer, High-Fidelity Audio Transmitter & Receiver Kit

The Digital power amplifier offers high efficiency and high output, with less heat produced compared to conventional analog power amplifiers.

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It comes with high power and long throw active woofer driver enclosed in a Black anodized aluminum cones that offer unbeatable rigidity compared to conventional Paper Cone designs.

Double anodized aluminum Cone passive radiators offer extra driver pistonic area, and their combined output along with the primary active driver equals that of a larger single active driver.

LFE and stereo (L/R) line-level inputs along with unbuffered stereo pass-through line outputs, which allow you to cascade the output to up to three additional subwoofers

Adjustable frequency control features a bypass position, eliminating low pass filtering within the subwoofer allowing you to fully control the bass filtering with an external receiver or preamp.

Whichever one you pick from this list of best subwoofer for a small room apartment, it will serve its purpose beyond your expectation.

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