2 Best Solar Cover Reel For Kidney Shaped Pool

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Do you need an automatic solar cover reel for kidney shaped pool? Well, first thing is that the kidney shaped pools reels should sit about a quarter from the end – over the pool.

The Rocky pool covers will work well with irregular shape and last (at least it worked well with mine).

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Best Solar Cover Reel For Kidney Shaped Pool

If you think the items recommended here are expensive then you can cut your cover in half and reel the cover in from the side of the pool.

  • Rocky’s 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel – Up to 20 Feet Wide


It is made in Canada, and not China. The build quality is worth extra money. Every part is sturdy, aluminum, stainless steel screws, and all parts are intact.

The rocky roller for our kidney shaped pool has been great for two years now. The roller works well and the cover doesn’t bunch up too much as long as I roll it up slowly – perhaps a complete revolution of the crank every 3-4 seconds. Roll too fast and it bunches on the far side.

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The wheel locks are very thoughtful on a 20×40 16 mil cover as there are lots of weight being pulled across the water of the pool.

For the price, the rocky roller is good value. Seems to be holding up well after 2 seasons.

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Best Solar Cover Reel For Kidney Shaped Pool

  • Horizon Deluxe Solar Reel (Various Widths) (24 ft Wide)


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Another option is getting the Horizon Deluxe for your reel. Just make sure to measure the widest part of your pool and have the reel that length also have the reel on that larger side.

Purchase a reel with wheels and move the reel as you wind. Pick the lightest solar cover available and not the heaviest. I know that seems so stupid since thicker is better but I have a 8 mil that is in its fourth year now but my 12 mil did only 3 years.

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