[FAQ’s] & the 10 Best Shoes for Xray Techs

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Hoka one Bondi shoe line is definitely the most cushy soft and most recommended shoes for clinical. It offers protection, comfortability, lightness and durability.

However, it doesn’t mean you must get it. If I were you though, I’d just go with what’s comfortable. Non-slip sneakers, with gel inserts.

You should try to follow the dress code as best as you can but always pick what’s comfortable and make sure to buy NON-SLIP.

Best Shoes for Xray Techs

  • Hoka One

Hoka One makes a black leather runner known as the Bondi. It is a cushy soft shoe and is simple yet highly effective.

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I have been using one for more than two years, and haven’t seen the need to replace, yet. It feels like you’re walking on clouds. Easily the best shoes I’ve ever worn, and I’ve done Nike, Adidas, Saucony, Asics, and Brooks.

It is both available in men and women sizes.

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Mens Shoes


They feature great cushioning and are the most comfortable shoe I ever bought. It’s almost like walking in sand, perfect for joint issues. They’re light too. Not minimalist, but still noticeably light.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Womens Shoes


They’re as comfortable as the men’s version. Love the color goes well with anything

  • Nike Air Monarch’s aka “Dad shoes”

My friend has tried this pair and his results have been great!

The Nike Air Monarch’s aka Dad shoes are awesome, total dad shoes, but they need inserts though.

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They’re comfortable and are stylish too. I love the design and feeling on the feet.

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  • Dr Martin shoes


I’ve tried the 3-hole Dr Martin shoes in black vegan leather and they have been ethical, comfortable, and just smart enough to go with whatever clothing I slip them on.

  • Nike Running Shoes

You can get a pair of Nike running shoes. But, get a Dr. Schools inserts and it helped tremendously.

  • Sanita


Sanita shoes are great. They are non-slip and feature cushy inserts built-in and likely have more than one style that will work for you. My preference is the faux leather.

They also cost less than Sanita but have far more options for men.

  • Dansko

Dansko is an excellent shoe choice. They last me about 2 years walking the whole day.

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  • Brooks

I used the brooks addiction walker as a valet and was impressed with the comfort but hated the style.


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How often should x-ray techs replace shoes?

Twice a year (every six months) is recommended to prevent diseases and foot fatigue.

Do we need shoes without laces?

Yes, you can wear shoes with or without lacing. They would be easier to clean without laces.

What is the lining in the shoe and why it is important?

The lining is the inside material of your shoe. The best ones are in shoes with plush lining.

Which shoe types are popular in the x ray tech field?

Three shoe types are popular among radiographers:

  • Sneakers – mostly running shoes
  • Slip-on shoes – useful in the operating room.
  • Clogs – are protective footwear and provide ankle support

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