11 Best Shoes for Canada Winter for Cozy, Warm Feet in the Snow

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Getting the best shoes for Canada winter will help keep your feet warm during these cold months. Because let’s face it, it’s freaking cold over here.

And this is coming from someone who have lived in Yellowknife and Calgary. So, I know my stuff, haha.

Best Shoes for Canada Winter

  • Pajar Canada Boots
  • Kamik Winter boots
  • Cougar Canada Boots

Canadian winter boots and shoes are some of the most popular boot brands searched for all across the world, because they have shown to amongst the top 10 boot brands worldwide.

Made in Canada and/ore designed in the country, here are some of Canada’s favorite winter boots. Proven to keep your toes comfy cozy, warm & dry

And they also happen to be the best shoes to wear in the snow, below freezing temperatures! In my humble opinion 😉

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So, what are the best boots for winter in Canada? Here they are:

  • Pajar Canada Boots

Pajar is a Montreal-based brand that sells warm winter boots, Canada-proof winter coats & jackets for men and women.

This Canadian boot brand costs more than some competing brands but they offers a wide range of stylish winter boots.

The super warm & thick-soled styles will keep your feet warm in crazy below 40C. Their boots contain “Grippers”; these are built in, click out spikes, that help your soles grip onto these icy patches to prevent winter wipeouts!

Pajar is one of the best Canadian Winter boot brands around!

  • Kamik Winter boots

This brand evidently has Canadians at heart with their designs.

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They offer some of the best affordable winter boots on the market.

Kamik offers ankle to knee high boots for different degrees of weather conditions for mean, children, and women.

The low winterized Evelyn duck boots are one of their most sought-after styles. I love the Sienna F2 Boots too for its looks.

A taller winter boot style that’s become a cozy Kamik classic is their Starling winter boots have a slight wedge that adds to their appeal.

They launched their Heritage 1898 Collection which features quilted & patchwork details on a selection of their winter styles and a pair of very original insulated rain boots.

Adult winter boots range have a temperature rated for up to -32 Degrees C. Among all brands mentioned in this post, Kamik offers some of the most affordable running shoes for Canadian winters.

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  • Cougar Canada Boots

I’m a big fan of Cougar Canada boots and I’ve been rocking them before I began blogging at all. These weatherproof boots are made in Canada and boast of 6-months guarantee.

The Delson boot is a close second favorite which is a lace-up fully waterproof and insulated combat boot and is available in 3 colors. So, if you need a cosy looking winter boot, you should check out the fluffy Vanora style.

But don’t be fooled by their looks, these boots are insulated and weather resistant. But their warmest styles do offer a cold protection of up to -30 Degrees.

And let’s not forget Cougar is one of the best boot brands to wear in the rain too!

My fav snow boots from this Canadian brand is the 39068 original, aka the Cougar pillow boots which is an amazing black colored boot (black & red are available too).

They have nice collection of some of the best Canadian winter boots for kids, men, and women.

  • Santana Canada

Santana Canada is definitely the sportiest looking boot brand of the brunch.

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Their classic lace-up winter styles like the popular Maldine boots, Santana also designs sporty-ski boots with flatform outsole (such as this style, that comes in 2 colors). Plus, this brand has high quality waterproof Andrea leather boots, which are wool-lined winter boots.

Do you need a list of the best running shoes for Canadian winter? You should check out their collection.

With a -20C temperature rating & the look of a casual moto/riding boot hybrid, these are the perfect winter boots that don’t actually look like winter boots!

This Quebequois footwear company made use of Pro-Dri waterproofing, warm wool lining with thermal insoles in their footwear to ensure they stand the harshest winter conditions, even in winter.

  • La Canadienne Montreal

La Canadienne remains the most stylish, albeit freezing city: Montreal for women.

This women’s fashion winter boot brand is made in Europe and Canada, and are streamlines to blend seamlessly with your classy business casual attire.

They are primarily available in black, with various types – flat, high heel, and wedge that are weather resistant and will easily take you from your commute, to the boardroom, then to dinner.

Like the Samia waterproof riding boot (now 33% off) & the excellent Mabel waterprood healed Chelsea bootie.

The La Canadienne winter boot Polly waterproof knee boots is one of our favorites! You can barely tell they’re even made for the cold & snow!

They have a great selection of La Canadianne boots at both Amazon, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

  • Sorel Snow Boots

Sorel no doubt is an household name now. With their famous & fabulous Joan of Artic lace up knee boots with furry accents.

It is one of the most iconic and beloved winter boots to slip on either in the city or as a stylish apres-ski boot.

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They initially began as Canadian owned, but were later owned by someone in Columbia in the 60s but the quality has only improved ever since.

I love how they get really creative about the shoe colors, patterns and textures. They make it fun and cool!

This is definitely a fave Canadian Winter boot brand!

  • Baffin Boots

This Canadian boot brand is perfect for extreme cold weather.

Born in Canada, with lots of styles made in Stoney Creek, Ontario this brand crafts some of the warmest winter boots along with other cold weather products to perform in the coldest climates!

From the look of their boots, these things are tough and rugged.

So, if you live in a rural area and/or particularly cold region (think, Calgary, Yellowknife, Alaska) these might be the winter boots for you!


You’ll agree with me here that our Canadian winter boots are some of the warmest, weather proof & durable you can find!

The brands reviewed above is what I and my fellow Canuks deem fit to be the best Canadian winter boots to dip your feet in the coldest months of the year.

These boots have been tested based on their sturdiness, many featyres, design, and proce!


Are any of these Canadian boots among your favorite winter boots brands? Let us know using the comment section below.

Which Shoes are best for Canada Winter?

The following are the top recommended Canada shoes for winter:

  • Pajar Canada Boots
  • Santana Canada
  • La Canadienne Montreal
  • Kamik Winter boots.
  • Cougar Canada Boots
  • Sorel Snow Boots.

Which type of shoes are best for Canada?

Here are the top 7 best shoes for canada winter:

  • Adidas Ultraboost 20
  • Asics Gel-Nimbus 22
  • Nobull Ripstop Runner
  • Nike React Miler
  • Pajar Canada Boots
  • Santana Canada
  • La Canadienne Montreal

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