OUR 5 Best PTO Stump Grinder – TOP 3 Point PTO Stump Grinder!

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Many things one should consider if you want to get the most excellent PTO stump grinder for your money. As a consumer, you may find it simple to jump immediately into a transaction based solely on the salesperson’s words.

However, you have the ball in your court to decide what is best for you. We’ve gathered together this user manual to educate you on the several PTO stump grinders on the market.

A PTO stump grinder is a crucial piece of equipment, so look at the options below and choose the finest one for your needs. Never rule out the possibility that a handheld or portable device is a better fit for your needs.

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Which is the Best 3 Point Stump Grinder?

As a result, stump grinders are one of the best ways to remove stumps and several other forms of wood from yards quickly and effectively. We’ve reviewed the best commercial stump grinders as well as the best handheld options to help you narrow down your search.

You can buy or rent these instruments even if you’re a commercial user, so keep that in mind before we get into the stump grinder reviews. Because each alternative has its advantages, we’ll go into more detail later, but don’t feel that you’re confined to just one alternative.

  1. A Powerful Adjustable Stump Grinder From DK2 – Ideal for Home Use

The 14-horsepower stump grinder from Detail K2 weighs a ton, but it’s mighty. The direct belt drive system eliminates the clutch with a 3600 RPM mechanism for its 12-inch cutting head. The powerful gas engine and strong frame ensure reliable operation in a wide range of conditions.


Precision, reliability, and ease of use make this an excellent choice for most household and farm applications. Detail K2 also includes ear, eye, and gloves as part of its beginner-friendly package. There is a broad selection of stump grinders on the market, but focusing on health and safety purposes here is a key plus.

This grinder’s twin locking wheel design makes it smoother to use on rugged terrain, and it works well on both fresh and old stumps. This grinder can grind up to 12 inches above the ground and 9 inches below the surface, which is a reasonable range for any grinder to operate in.

Even though it isn’t the most excellent stump grinder in the industry, the Precise K2 has a great price-to-performance ratio, making it an excellent choice for homeowners and farmers on a budget.


  • The most acceptable choice for most personal requirements
  • Exceptional cutting ability
  • Affordably priced


  • Not appropriate for large commercial applications.
  • Weighty in comparison to many other choices
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  1. A less expensive alternative is the Generac Pro Walk Alongside Stump Grinder.

Generac’s Pro Stump Grinder comes in a close second when it comes to the top stump grinders.

Even though it is smaller than some other household stump grinders, the 12-gauge steel makes it a relatively light and long-lasting construction. With the detachable tow bar, you may use it with various additional gadgets.


Despite its small stature, this machine has a powerful engine that enables it to cut neatly and efficiently. A lighter machine like this works well in areas devoid of grass, weeds and other objects that may get caught in the cutting head. It doesn’t work as well in the wild.

On the other hand, this stump grinder isn’t ideal for working on hills. This is a prevalent worry among buyers, so it’s good to be aware of it. Our top choice stump grinder is much easier to use; however, Generac’s stump grinder has certain drawbacks.

If you’re in quest of a simple and economical machine, this is a fantastic option. Even though it isn’t robust enough for commercial use, it usually does the trick when you only need to clear a few houses.

Many other solutions are more expensive than this one.


  • Poor for places with plenty of vegetation or slope.
  • Hard to get around in.
  1. The best small stump grinder is the BearCat SG340.

Although BearCat isn’t a household name, it has the power to get the job done. Never forget that the term “cheap” is purely arbitrary. As long as you’re looking for a high-quality grinder at an affordable price, you’ll have to settle for this.


The SG340 has seven-inch cutting edges powered by a Honda engine. The horizontal location of the head on a 23-inch vast machine makes this grinder easy to move in practically any environment, despite its more petite head. Once you’re in position, you can quickly turn and pivot thanks to the single-wheel brake system.

The front of the machine features a screen-enclosed aperture for ease of use. This minimizes the number of wood chips that fly into your eyes while providing a clear view of the grinding process.

Compared to other variations on this list, the cutter head spins at a decent 3600 revolutions per minute (RPM). The larger tires make carrying more accessible, and the final decision adds additional security. In general, this is a fantastic option for purchasers on a tight budget.


  • Cost-effective compared to other stump-cutter models.
  • It’s easy to go around in practically any situation.
  • Well-versed in the art of pivoting.


  • It takes more time to grind through large stumps with the smaller cutting head.
  • Punctures are more likely to occur in pneumatic tires.

  1. Power King Stump Grinder – Compact Stump Grinder of the Year

An obvious advantage of electric start stump grinders is that they are easy for anyone to use and don’t necessitate repeatedly pulling a rope for several minutes. Additionally, the Power King Stump Grinder is surprisingly inexpensive, surpassing out some of the other low-priced options on this list in terms of pricing.

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There is a 14 horsepower turbine, 11-inch chopping blades, and dual V-belts to rotate the cutting head on this machine. Additionally, the grinder from Power King is user-friendly, thanks to its adjustable handle, spinning drum brake, and even a maintenance usage meter.

Because of its pocket-friendliness and ease of use, this grinder is an attractive option for households and small businesses alike, even if you don’t need the most powerful model. With a waterproof cover, a complete set of spare cutting blades, and a detachable tow bar, Power King provides this grinder.

There is a twenty-inch cutting range here, with eleven inches above ground level and nine inches below it. The motor is covered for three years and the grinder for one year. This device can be used with Greenteeth by more experienced users. This professional-grade cutting tooth set includes more surfaces for longer life.


  • Affordably priced
  • Traditional engines are more difficult to start.
  • Includes a protective sleeve
  • Greenteeth is supported.


  • Inconsistent quality of construction.
  • It can vibrate to a standstill.
  1. Dosko 200-6HC – Best Mini Stump Grinder

To sum up, the Dosko 200-6HC is the best mini stump grinder money can buy. Even if you’re working in a limited space and need the tiniest stump grinder you can get your hands on, the size of the machine matters.

We can now look at a product such as Dosko’s 200-6HC. The Honda GX engine with Greenteeth 500 series cutting provides excellent performance in this small unit.

The 200-6HC also has several additional handy features, along with an oil shutoff sensor that will turn the unit off if it’s running short on oil. Help and protection were supplied by cyclone air cleaners and a unique side-discharged frame. Because of the handlebar’s foldable design, storage is a breeze.

When making the decision whether or not to invest in a product, quantity is the essential aspect. This grinder offers several intriguing features, even if you ignore its diminutive stature. The most striking feature is the concave cutting region. This reduces the amount of wood that must be shredded, making it easier to dispose of later.

The 200-6HC has a somewhat smaller chopping grade than most rivals, going around 10 inches above the ground and 9 inches below it. At 134 pounds, it’s light for a stump grinder, but it’s still heavy enough to be a concern on hills. Provided you have the engine running; you can use it to help you over hills.


  • The most excellent tiny stump grinder on the market today.
  • An excellent stump grinder on the go
  • Green Teeth Included


  • Limits on the size of the blades that can be used
  • This is a poor pick unless you require the smallest walk-behind stump grinder available.

How to Select the Best PTO Stump Grinder

  • Type of Job

As soon as it’s time to buy a new PTO stump grinder, be sure it’s the best option available to you. The first thing to do is think about what kind of job you want to do. This machine’s function is not yet known. Please get us updated if you need help clearing a significant area for development.

A little farm with a tractor but only a few trees is what I’m looking for. Consider the scope of the project at hand before settling on a PTO stump grinder or a smaller, more portable alternative.

  • Safety

The use of a PTO stump grinder is fraught with peril, and extreme caution must be exercised at all times. Keep in mind all hazard controls are in place as part of a regular maintenance inspection.

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Ear and safety glasses should be worn while operating the machine. The presence of another person to assist you should you have any problems is also beneficial when utilizing the machine.

  • Durability

It’s essential to know how cost-effective your PTO stump grinder must be. Is it required to keep up with you and your tractor, skid steer, or excavator for several miles straight? If so, how many stumps must be removed each day? The stumps are how big?

It is rarely impossible to use all of the PTO stump grinders on the market simultaneously. As a result, the stumps you plan to remove must be capable of being pushed by a PTO stump grinder.

  • Features

PTO stump grinders come in various configurations, depending on the tow truck and the grinder model. To choose the most excellent stump grinder for your money, you need to consider the features and the price.

The most excellent stump grinder is one that you can use whenever you want to get rid of tree stumps with ease. The attachment for grinding tree stumps typically has a contact slip clutch and connects to a regular 3-point linkage.

Keep an eye on the horsepower limit. Some PTO stump grinders aren’t the best choice for towing trucks and machinery. Consider the cut restrictions as well.

Underneath the soil, many PTO stump grinders have limits of roughly 10 inches in depth. They could be used as a stump cutter in addition to grinding stumps.

  • Maintenance

It takes a lot of time to maintain a large PTO stump grinder. Failure to do routine maintenance, on the other hand, can be exceedingly harmful.

  • Make that the pulleys are in good working order and appropriately tensioned before driving.
  • Make that the teeth are clean and well-maintained.
  • Make sure the oil and fluid balances are correct.
  • Check the brakes and hoses.
  • Make that all of the protections are in place and working order.
  • Clear any debris from around the cutter head to easily rotate.
  • Look out if the kill switch is operational.
  • Keep an eye on the debris netting.
  • Budget

When it comes to stump grinders, PTO stump grinders are among the priciest on the market. This is because they are incredibly complex machines with many moving parts.

Be cautious of your budget when hunting for the top PTO stump grinder on the market today. Each product’s feature list should be compared to its price. In some cases, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one.

Where to Buy 3-Point PTO Stump Grinder Attachment?

There are other alternatives when it comes to purchasing commercial-grade and industrial PTO stump grinders. We recommend checking out agricultural supply stores; however, did you know that you can also shop online? The best deals on grinding equipment can frequently be found by conducting an internet search for certain manufacturers and models.

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