What is the Best Portable Fridge Freezer Under $500? SEE HERE!

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When it comes to traveling, picnicking, and outdoor eating, nothing beats a top rated portable fridge freezer.

These heavy-duty appliances don’t need ice to stay cold, and can typically be plugged into your vehicle to maintain consistent temperatures.

Best Portable Fridge Freezer Under $500



Whynter FMC-350XP portable fridge CHECK ON AMAZON
COSTWAY Portable Car Refrigerator SHOP ON AMAZON


  • Whynter FMC-350XP 34 Quart Compact Portable Refrigerator

This 34-quart Whynter FMC-350XP portable fridge is an appropriate size for car, RV and home use.

Perfect for any occasion, this fridge works well with 12/24 DC and 110V AC power, and can even be used with both outlets at the same time in case one power source fails.

A lower power indicator alerts when its time to use another source to keep the fridge running.

Available in  single size, this portable fridge freezer less than 500 bucks has enough room to store your drinks and food for an all-day exclusion.


  • The open door does not allow temperature loss occur
  • Powerful compressor chills food in a small time
  • Dual-voltage compatibility for RV, home, and car


  • It’s quite heavy, even when empty
  • It lacks WiFi or Bluetooth for remote connectivity
  • Only available in a single size.

It will conveniently sit in most vehicles and its design saves space. The temperature range between -8 to 50°F keeps food and drinks properly frozen or refrigerated.

Even when tilted, the appliance is able to function providing you with uninterrupted cooling.

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With small and large removable baskets, you will be able to separate drinks and foods that eventually keep your things organized.

It’s not dual-zone, though, so you can only use it as a freezer or fridge.

There’s no Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity that allows temperature control from your smartphone, but this combination freezer/fridge has multiple useful features.

For instance, its non-skid rubber mat prevents drinks from sliding and creating a mess. An integrated LED light also makes it easier to see what you’re aiming for in the dark.

We’re also fans of the door chime, which alerts when the door is left open to prevent unwanted temperature loss.

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  • COSTWAY Portable Car Refrigerator

With this portable car fridge, you can have access to cold drinks on the go even in your RV and car.

Perfect for extended road trips, this versatile appliance is one of the best car fridge freezers for vehicles of any size.

Even in hot areas, the powerful compressor quickly cools down the inside to preserve whatever food and beverages you keep inside.

This Costway freezer features a slightly wider range than most, between -14.8 and 50 F. Energy-saving and rapid cooling modes lets you enjoy more flexibility when you need it.

The interior basket helps keep your drinks, food, and beverages organized, even on rough terrain. The dual grooves on the lid top offers fast and easy access to your favorite beverages.

An innovative dual-way door design offers you fast and simple access when those cravings strike. If you’re looking for something specific in the dark, an integrated LED light will guide you.

This appliance works with standard 100-240V outlets and 12/24V power sources for convenient home and car use. A multi-level battery monitor prevents overcharging in your vehicle. There are two built-in USB charging ports, so you don’t have to battle over who gets to charge their phone next.

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  • Dual-zone technology separately refrigerates and freezes food
  • Two-way door design for easy access
  • Battery monitor protects car batteries


  • It lacks transport wheels
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth technology
  • No built-in battery

Setpower TC20 21 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge with Wheels

This unit boasts of detachable wheels for easy mobility. Its soft rope handles offer a secure grip and are quite gentle on your hands.

You can quickly grab the handles to keep up with your friends. Being small-sized makes this unit one of the best car fridge freezers for compact vehicles.

The 21-quart model is able to hold 29 (355 ml) cans or 15 (550 ml) bottles of water.

There is a larger 37-quart version available. It holds up to 52 cans and 26 bottles of the same size too.

The compressor inside this unit maintains temperatures between -4 and 68°F. It’s well insulated for day trips and is specifically designed for car and RV use. You’ll need to purchase a separate adapter for home use.

The reversible allows you reach and grab what you need. Both freezers offer additional storage space with slots for 4 drinks on top of the lid.

An additional bottle opener efficiently opens twist-top beverages, so you can easily crack open a cold one at a moment’s notice.

It lacks both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, but spots clear display panel for current temperature and lets you make adjustments as required.


  • 4 storage slots for cans on top of the lid
  • Soft rope handles are easy on the hands
  • Dual-lid design offers simple access to drinks and food.
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  • It doesn’t come with AC adapter
  • It lacks WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Comes without internal baskets

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Alpicool LGCF45 Portable Refrigerator 12 Volt Car Freezer

The last one on our best portable fridge freezer under $500 review is the Alpicool LGCF45 Portable Refrigerator 12 Volt Car Freezer.


It isn’t too heavy to carry, is affordable and economical too. Its many user-friendly features make several outings so easy.

Aside having a LGCF45, which features a high-quality LG compressor, you’ll find that the 35, 45 and 55-liter models freezes down to -4°F without ice, even on hot days.

You are able to feed foods and drinks according to particular temperature settings. But, the portable fridge lacks dual temperature control.

However, the portable fridge lacks dual temperature control. If that’s a dealbreaker, check out the Alpicool TW75. A removable internal basket separates contents and keeps them from shifting on bumpy roads.

Bluetooth connectivity offers peace of mind when you’re away from the fridge. Simply use the app to adjust temperatures as long as you’re within range.

The Alpicool LGCF45 doesn’t require an outlet, so you don’t have to worry about finding a power supply when you’re camping or enjoying a weekend road trip. You can power it with a solar generator, such as the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500.


  • Digitized temperature adjustment for accurate settings
  • High-density foam insulation maintains consistent temperatures
  • Car battery protection protects vehicle batteries


  • Some users have complained of the fan getting noisy
  • You’re unable to use the fridge and freezer at the same time
  • Poorly designed lid latch

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