What is the Best Pool Table For Garage? SEE HERE!

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Like you, there are several game lovers looking to acquire the best pool table for the garage. This is why we are reviewing the top 5 based on experience.

Sounds like something you might be interested in? Continue reading to learn more.

Best Pool Table For Garage

  • Hathaway Montecito 8-ft Pool Table Pool Table for Family Game Rooms with Blue Felt, 57-in Cues, Balls, Brush and Chalk – Driftwood Finish

Perfect for families, this pool table lets you enjoy the premium play.

It has 180 days warranties so you can replace parts should they suffer damage during delivery.

It is easy to assemble, great value for the money, and sturdy too.

Made with solid wood, this beautifully designed pool lets you enjoy good, quality family time while still making visitors roll their eyes each time they visit you.

The pool table is very heavy so ask the delivery team to help you move it. It’s of great quality and worth every bit of money.

  • Blue Wave Products Augusta 8 Ft Non-Slate Pool Table in Walnut

This pool table isn’t slate but it is sturdy and great value for the money.

It looks great and only takes 2 adults or 2 teens to set up.

In the first month, the pockets are a bit stiff then after time, it relaxes more.

  • American Legend Brookdale 90” Billiard Table with Rustic Wood Finish and Navy Blue Cloth

This is a great starter pool for the price. Set up and assembly is easy and straightforward.

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When in use, the balls move and bounce of walls like it is a slate table.

It comes with adjustable feet for uneven areas. I wouldn’t recommend leaning or putting too much weight on the pool table though. The pool cue and brush are pretty cheap, but you get what you pay for. So, I recommend buying newer cues and table brushes together.

The size is fine; not too big and not too small. A perfect gift for teenagers and adults!

  • EastPoint Sports Professional Grade Billiard Tables Pool Table, Scratch Resistant Luster Long Finish

I like the simple, clean style and easy-to-assemble materials. You’ll need 2 very strong humans to flip it over after assembly.

Nice modern-looking billiards table. Feels sturdy. Table needed only minor leveling adjustments which I did by placing thin strips of cardboard under 2 of the 4 legs.

The pool table is a great size and doesn’t feel like I’m settling. The material is on the bit cheaper side (pockets are plastic bins and the outside is wood overlay texture) but that is a minor complaint about the price of this thing. This pool table does the job perfectly and while playing you don’t notice anything..

  • Rack Stark 5.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Table

At first, I didn’t want to purchase this due to it’s size but it is perfect for adults (5 foot to 6 foot tall) while also being perfect enough for the minions (not too long ot wide to discourage them or damage their confidence like most standard or larger mid-size tables).

Assembly is easy, yes but the table does require 2 ADULTS or strong teens to move when fully assembled unless you are a professional bodybuilder and have a 7ft wingspan.

The vibrant colors and solid build appeal to me, greatly. The pool sticks aren’t that great; very light so I recommend buying your own to help with more power.

I suggest 1 smaller one and one midsize one (40, 52 inches) but any will do. Cue balls are a bit smaller(1.75) than standard balls(2.25) but I could care less and I would not recommend buying bigger balls. It comes with BLUE cue chalk but I highly recommend buying red chalk if you get the red felt table so the dust blends in more.

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And I don’t use their brush(or any rough one) due to its abrasiveness, I just vacuum the chalk residue with a handheld when necessary.

I would give it a 9 out of 10 overall. Good luck with your decision.

  • GoSports 6ft or 7ft Billiards Table – Portable Pool Table

I’m very pleased with this purchase!

The build is sturdy and the legs are strong. Table top is solid, felt and rails bounce well and the balls are great too!

Can You Put a Pool Table in a Garage?

Yes, a pool table can be kept in the garage but you should consider the climate, space, pool table type a, and slope of the garage floor.

How Much Space You Need For a Pool Table?

For a 3.5’ X 7’ table, you would need a minimum of 13’ by 16’ of space.

For a 4’ X 8’ table, you would need 13.5’ by 17’ of space.

For a pro-style 4.5’ X 9’ table, you would need 14’ by 18’ of space in the garage.

Considering that the minimum size of a 2-car garage is 22’ X 20’, you should take a hard look at the space and see if you actually have enough room.

How to Protect Your Garage Pool Table

Here are a few ways you can protect a pool table in the garage;

  • Insulation

Insulating your garage is a smart move. I insulate the walls in mine and they help keep the area cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Placing insulation on the garage door is recommended too.

And this doesn’t have to break the bank. Insulation is fairly cheap and easy to install.

  • Floor Covering

You should use some foam mats on the floor so your balls don’t fall off the table and suffer damage.

Billiard balls are quite tough, but even a small chip can change the ball’s dynamic on the table.

I recommend these interlocking foam mats by BalanceFrom.

  • AC Unit and Heater

Depending on your home’s setup, you may set it in a way that your home’s existing AC system covers your garage.

If not a simple portable air conditioner or window unit can do the trick. Some of these portable AC systems handle both cooling and heating, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Or, if you can always buy a space heater that makes use of infrared technology to keep your garage warm during the cold months.

  • Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can help keep your pool table from any damage it might want to suffer.

Of course, AC systems can remove some of the humidity from the garage, but some climates will need the additional help of a dehumidifier. Some players even find that a dehumidifier works well by itself.

This SereneLife portable AC unit has a built-in heater and dehumidifier. It’s the best of all worlds for those looking to protect a pool table in the garage.

Best Pool Table For Garage

How to Level a Pool Table in a Garage

Garages, in most cases, are graded to allow water to flow out away from the house. On average, this grade is around 1 inch over 8-feet.

Since most home pool tables are 7.5-feet long this makes for about an inch slope when the table is placed lengthwise in the garage.

The easy solution to this is to place the table lengthwise if you have room. You get to keep the slope, but it won’t be as pronounced and therefore easier to fix.

Either way, there are ways to address this issue too.

  • Leg Leveling Pool Table

Although some pool tables come with leg levelers built-in. Others do not.

On these models that have it, you typically need to twist out the feet to level the table.

If you can find a table with leg levelers, great. If not, it’s no big deal. You can always use shims.

  • Pool Table Shims

In my experience, shims remain the easiest means of leveling a pool table.

The biggest complaint about using pool table shims in a garage is how it works.

A stack of shims under two of the legs isn’t the most pleasing sight, but it’s a small price to pay for a level table in the garage.

If you don’t like the shims being visible, you should place the table on a nice thick rug to hide the shims. Or you can get creative and place decorative curtains around the legs.

These rubber shims can be cut to fit the legs of the table, helping to hide them from sight.

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