What are the Best Pool Heat Pump For Cold Climates? SEE HERE!

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Hayward and Pentair are two popular brands of pool heat pumps, ranging in price from $3,600 to $4,200. There are a number of benefits of buying a Hayward or Pentair pool heat pump. Hayward is known as one of the top brands in the industry and Pentair is popular for its energy efficiency and eco-friendly credentials.

Best Pool Heat Pump For Cold Climates

  • Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Heat Pump


If you’re looking to be more energy efficient and enjoy lower heating bills, the HP21404T HeatPro is a great choice for an inground pool. With its compact size and light weight, it’s easy to install yourself. The HeatPro’s long-life titanium counter-flow heat exchanger is designed for maximum performance and heat transfer regardless of weather conditions.

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This durable heat pump is designed for year-round comfort. It features a corrosion-resistant evaporator fin, injection-molded body and stainless steel hardware. It’s well suited for coastal areas where salt water can be corrosive to other units not made of stainless steel or UV-resistant plastic.

The HP21404T HeatPro pool heat pump is an energy-efficient and durable unit that’s perfect for keeping your pool warm during the off-season. This model features a heavy-duty, highly efficient, 5.7 COP scroll compressor with quiet profiled air flow blades and acoustic cover.


With a sturdy, corrosion- and deterioration-resistant design that makes it suitable for all climates and environmental conditions; the HeatPro is an ideal choice for both new pools and spas as well as upgrading an existing pool heating system. Its streamlined configuration reduces system cost by up to 50% when compared with other traditional gas heaters.

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Best Pool Heat Pump For Cold Climates

  • Pentair 460931 UltraTemp 90 High-Performance Pool Heat Pump

Enjoy ultimate comfort in your pool or spa with the energy efficient Pentair 460931 UltraTemp 90 heat pump. It’s equipped with a 100%, extra long-life, titanium heat exchanger that is corrosion-free and designed for maximum performance in all weather conditions. Its composite cabinet is also corrosion- and deterioration-resistant to withstand pool chemicals and harsh environments.

This is the first pool heater to be charged with EPA-approved R410A refrigerant. Inexpensive to operate and designed for mobility, it delivers optimum performance in all climates, including outdoor pool areas across the country. With high efficiency and less carbon footprint, it uses 50% less energy than conventional heaters.

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The UltraTemp 90 is designed to give you maximum comfort with minimum maintenance. This pool heat pump employs an advanced digital control system which uses a menu-driven full-word display to indicate the status of each function. The AutoSet time clock water temp monitor continuously calculates and displays optimum water temperature for your pool, and an auto defrost sensor continually monitors refrigerant temperature to prevent freezing when outside temps are low.


The Pentair UltraTemp 90 evaporator coil includes a new family of refrigerants that delivers efficient cooling at low energy consumption. It is compatible with automated control packages and meets or exceeds existing industry codes and standards. The UltraTemp 90 is built to last years longer than other coil/evaporator combinations within the same class, so its reliability helps keep operational costs down.

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