Which is the Best Pioneer Laserdisc Players for the Money? Top 5!

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There are DVDs, CDs, Disc, and Blu Rays that may never play on a DVD but with Laserdisc, this issue can be easily taken care of. The best laserdisc is the ones with great picture quality and amazing sound systems also.

The laserdisc market is slowly winding down and is been replaced by more sophisticated means of playing discs, this makes it quite difficult to lay hands on a good laserdisc player these days, but worry no more, we have got you covered.

Best Pioneer Laserdisc Players

There are many different brands of laserdisc players but the leading brand on this list is Sony and Pioneers etc.

  • Pioneer DVL-919 DVD / LaserDisc / CD and CD-R Player

The pioneer DVL-919 has a video output with a combination of DVDs, Laserdisc, and CD players, it is a multi-format player. this is one of the few laserdiscs available to those that prefer the analog-video format to the DVD compressed digital video, the good thing about this Laserdisc is that it is designed to accommodate both formats.


Although it is expensive, it is worth every penny, if you are into disc-based technology then this player is just for you, it takes all forms of disc apart from Blu Rays.

Pros of Using The  Pioneer DVL-919 DVD / LaserDisc / CD and CD-R Player

  • When you press pause on the remote, the player freeze-frame on a dime
  • With the component video output, the component video has a higher color resolution than the S-video counterparts
  • The Laserdisc side of this player supports DTS, it will also play both sides of the laserdisc without even need to flip the discover
  • On the LD side, it features a good quality picture
  • It has a video noise reduction and a virtual Colby surround in addition to the DTS digital audio output terminals.
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Pioneer DCL-M90 LaserDisc Player/ 5-CD Changer

The pioneer DCL-M LaserDisc Player/5-CD changer is a 5- Disc CD changer and will also play Laser discs, and compact disc media.


It is a combination of laserdisc/compact disk players.

It has 5CD carousels and a single side LD tray, this unit works well with good picture and audio output. The DCL-M90 comes with a stock audio/ video cable, a manufacturer’s box, original remote control, batteries, etc.

Pros of Using The Pioneer DCL-M90 LaserDisc Player/ 5-CD Changer

  • Has 5 CD Carousel
  • Works well with good picture and audio output
  • It will both play LDs and compact disc media.


The pioneer CLD V-2600 Laserdisc player with remote is listed as an industrial machine, it does not offer DTS but if you know how to work around the dip switches at the back, you will be able to play the audio disc at a much higher bitrate. It is heavy-duty equipment, has long-term durability, and can be easily operated.

You can operate it using the remote control, computer, barcode, or with the extensive control found on the front panel.

It features a two-speed shuttle dial control, an S- video terminal for amazing clear pictures, and a headphone jack with volume control to control the volume.

This Pioneer CLD V-2600 will play all DVDs and CDs, it also features a digital and analog Audio, a CX decoder text display for showing titles, comments, and instructions.

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Pros of using The Pioneer CLD V-2600 LASERDISC PLAYER with REMOTE

  • It features a digital and analog audio
  • Has a two-speed shuttle dial control
  • It can be operated either using the remote control, barcode, or a computer.
  • Has long term durability and is functional

Best Pioneer Laserdisc Player

Pioneer LaserDisc & CD Player Model CLD-S201

The pioneer laserdisc and cd player model CLD- S201 has a very good VCR that is of high quality, although it is a pretty low-end player and the LD doesn’t mesh well with the HDTV of today, however, the cassette deck worked well and it is an analog and vintage piece of electronic.

It is good for using composite to stand-alone video composite because it passes along a clean analog signal.

It has a pretty decent interface with lots of Knobs and LCDs indicators, it even has a jog dial on the player It will play laserdisc, CDs, CDVs, and LD players, it is one of the best brands for laserdisc players you can get out there.

This pioneer is easy to use but pretty basic for a laserdisc, but the important factor is that it is easy to use, dependable and good.

It has a main tray and also a separate tray that pops out when you want to load CDs. The video and audio optics are quite recommendable for low-end players.

With this player, you can listen to either digital or analog tracks, it is single-sided so you can’t listen to DTS tracks with it, it also has no s- Video output as well. The audio lacks good imaging when compared to a good DTS DVD or DD.

Pros of Using The Pioneer LaserDisc & CD Player Model CLD-S201

  • Have good audio and video even the fact that it is a low-end player
  • It is pretty basic
  • Its menu is easy to use
  • It is dependable
  • Has a good VCR that is of high quality

Pioneer DVL-909 DVD LaserDisc LD/CD player

The pioneer DVL-909 plays DVDs, CDs, and LaserDisc, the laserdisc video has some faint lining but it is still viewable, the Audio is good, and has a good DVD video as well.

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It has a composite video output of X2,  A video x2, Component x 1 Analog output: RCA

2ch) x 2  Digital output: Coaxial (RCA) x 3 (1 RF output), Optical (TOS) x 1.

This unit does not have HDMI as it predates HDMI. It instead features a composite video output and an S- video output as well as L/R analog audio output and a digital audio output that is coaxial.

This device is auto-reverse meaning it is possible to play both sides of the disc without necessarily needing to open up the tray and flip the disk around.

The unit works decently and the delivery time is superb, the only downside to this is the fact that the unit came without an operating manual and a remote clicker.

Pros of using The The pioneer DVL-909

  • It is capable of playing both sides of the disc without needing to open up the tray and flip the disk
  • It features a composite video output
  • It plays DVDs, CDs, and Laserdisc

Pioneer CLD-2080 CD CDV LaserDisc Player

The Pioneer CLD-2080 CD CDV has a friendly user menu and control system, it can play every DVD format and you can use it in every region.

It is a compatible player that can play CDs, CDV discs, and LDs

It is a play both side machine but does not have a digital frame store for CLV trick play.

To reduce vibration, and improve the speed a new mechanism was employed.

The player makes use of a twin 1-bit digital-analog converter and on the rear panel, it spots double audio and video outputs.

Pros of Using The Pioneer CLD-2080 CD CDV

  • It reduces vibration
  • It improves the speed of playing both audio and video
  • It is capable of playing CDs, CDV discs, and LDs
  • It has a friendly user menu and controlling system
  • It can be used in any region, it is not selective of any region

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