The 3 BEST Pentax Lens For Wedding Photography

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Best Pentax Lens For Wedding Photography

One of the best days in one’s life that we need to keep a profile of the wedding day. It is nevertheless devastating to see some wedding pictures that are poorly shot, some lenses cannot capture the glamour of the event, so on that note, we will be taking a review on the Best Pentax Lens For Wedding Photography and all you need to know.

So reviewing the best Pentax lens for wedding photography, we do recommend

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  • PENTAX 45-85mm 645N Lens with Case
  •  HD Pentax-D FA*70-200mmF2.8ED DC AW Silver Edition: Limited Quantity Telephoto Zoom Lens for DSLR Cameras featuring State-of-The Art Optical Technology, High-Resolution with All Weather Construction
  • Pentax HD D FA 70-200mm f2.8ED DC AW Telephoto-Zoom Lens for Pentax KAF Cameras.

So, let us get to the real the deal

Best Pentax Lens For Wedding Photography

  • PENTAX 45-85mm 645N Lens with Case

I will rate this camera lens a 5 star based on its performance of the lens. If it’s put on the camera (i.e the Pentax 45-85mm lens), you never take it off, and you wonder how you didn’t buy it sooner.


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Best Pentax Lens For Wedding Photography

Focal lengths are ideal for a wide range of photography, from portraiture to landscape. It may not be as sharp as the 55mm, but the versatility is precious.

  • HD Pentax-D FA*70-200mmF2.8ED DC AW Silver Edition: Limited Quantity Telephoto Zoom Lens for DSLR Cameras featuring State-of-The Art Optical Technology, High-Resolution with All-Weather Construction

This lens is a must-have if you must take your next wedding picture experience to a whole new level.


It is well designed to take amazing pictures from unique angles at wedding celebrations.

Pentax Lens For Wedding Photography

I will say, this camera has excellent build quality, sharp even wide open at f1.4, just like my DFA 85/1.4, nice smooth bokeh, no perceptible chromatic aberration (even wide open!). Autofocus is quick and quiet.

  • Pentax HD D FA 70-200mm f2.8ED DC AW Telephoto-Zoom Lens for Pentax KAF Cameras

The lens is big and heavy. It can be held in one hand, however, it will make it easier if you deploy the use of a tripod. According to imaging studies I did, its optimal apertures are f/5.6 and f/8. The focus is completely silent and appears to be quite accurate.

Straight lines remain straight, indicating that distortion is minimal. More testing will be required before I can establish an “educated” view about its sharpness, contrast, and resistance to flare.

Is a 35mm Lens Good For Weddings?

This wide-angle lens is ideal for photographing the entire room while the bride is getting ready, as well as relaxing prep photographs of the bridesmaids in small groupings.

Can You Shoot A Wedding With One Lens?

Yes of course, if I am to say from personal experience, switching lenses while taking wedding photography can make you miss lots of moments you ought to capture instantaneously they showed up, but it will be difficult if you are to switch lenses before capturing such moment.

So, it is best practice to always select good lenses that can handle many jobs while shooting in a wedding program.

Is an 85mm lens Good For Weddings?

The 85mm lens length is ideal for portraiture, especially on full-frame cameras. A longer focal length is more appealing than a broader angle. However, it still allows you to capture portraits in tight quarters.

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How Do You Pick the Best Pentax Lens?

As you can see, there is a wide range of the greatest Pentax lenses available, with one or more models for each genre.

Set the correct priorities for your budget and working conditions to locate your own among the vast amount of possibilities. Here are a few critical points to keep in mind.

Focal Length

This is something you should investigate further, but in a nutshell, the focal length determines how near the object you’re photographing will appear in the image.

The distance between the camera’s sensor and the optical center of the lens is shown by the marking.

The latter can be fixed, for example, 100mm. It can also be changeable, with markings such as 24mm-55mm or 100mm-400mm, as seen in zoom lenses.

Prime versus Zoom.

This question stems from the previous one: should you use a fixed or variable focal length? The former is referred to as a prime lens, and it has both positive and negative aspects.

Because there are fewer internal parts, it can be very compact and lightweight, as well as cheaper and more resilient.

Furthermore, the image quality obtained by such a lens is superior, especially since you can often get a larger aperture and thus photograph at night.

The one thing primes lack is flexibility, and they require a considerably higher level of photographic talent to get good results.

So, if you’re a newbie or frequently switch between tasks, the zoom lens will be your faithful companion.

You may quickly experiment with genres or utilize a single lens in a range of scenarios, conserving money and space. When well-chosen, a zoom lens can rival the quality of a prime lens.

Crop Factor

Camera sensors have sizes as well, and if you ignore this fact, you may discover that your new Pentax telephoto lens has a range that differs greatly from the one specified on its body.

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To avoid confusion, determine your camera’s crop factor and then perform easy math to obtain the true range in full-frame equivalent.

A Pentax SLR that does not have a full-frame sensor, for example, has a crop factor of 1.5. To find out what it would have been on a suitably sized sensor, multiply that number by the range.

If the lens is marked 18–55 mm, it will function like a 27–83 mm on this camera.


If you’re a studio photographer, you don’t need to worry about such safeguards. However, if you intend to take the lens outside even occasionally, choose a durable piece of optics.

There are different degrees, from surviving a drizzle to weathering heavy downpours and other bad weather events, so predict what you’re likely to encounter.


Are Pentax lenses of high quality?

When compared to other major brands, there aren’t as many Pentax digital lenses on the market. What they may lack in variety, they make up for in quality.

This brand’s cameras and lenses are both feature-rich and efficient.

What lenses are compatible with Pentax?

All of the latest SLR bodies are compatible with SDM lenses. You will have mounting issues with the DA* 55mm, 17-70mm, and 18-135mm lenses on the older K110D and many of those that came before it.

Where are Pentax lenses manufactured?

If you carefully study the supporting documentation, you will notice that the lenses are “Assembled in the Philippines” or “Assembled in Vietnam,” depending on the type of lens.

The fact that they don’t include the word “Made” indicates that the pieces are from elsewhere, making it difficult to answer this question.

What exactly is the Pentax SMC lens?

This abbreviation, which appears in the names of a variety of lenses, stands for Super-Multi-Coated. This form of improvement was developed in the 1970s, just as the M42 mount was losing favor.

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