What is the Best Paint for Greenhouse Wood? SEE HERE!

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Are you trying to restore an old wooden greenhouse that has suffered some rot over the years? Then the best paint for wooden GH is what you need!

From experience, I have discovered the best way to inhibit mildew is to ensure the wood is completely dry before applying the primer coat. Sadly, the autumn season is usually damp – making painting projects harder than usual.

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Best Paint for Greenhouse Wood

If you want to use an epoxy putty, or other synthetic wood fillers to repair rotted depressions, then you might not want to use a clear finish. Then again, using a semi-transparent or clear finish can help you patch these areas with a wood species compatible with cypress, entails many work and appropriate woodworking skills.

Personally, I have tried solid finishes and they’re the way for me. The first step to using this would be preparation of the surface by getting rid of all traces of dirt, grime and prior coatings. Next, once dried full, sand with 80 grit – remove all dust with tack cloths and apply a good quality, oil-based, bare wood primer with stain-blocker – followed by the best exterior latex enamel available in your area.

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Ben Moore (CHECK ON AMAZON) has always been my preference – for interior and exterior coatings. Try getting the Benjamin Moore Alkyd 366 for the primer and Moorgard Latex for the finish coat. They cost more than many competing brands out there, but you get what you pay for.

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Best Paint for Greenhouse Wood

What is the Best Weather Proofing A Wooden Greenhouse?

If any part of your greenhouse wood is in direct contact with the ground then you should use pressure-treated lumber for those parts. However, if it is not, then any kind of sealant/stain that they sell for use on decks should work fine too.

I have tried outdoor latex (CHECK ON AMAZON) (not oil based) and it lasts for 5 years. You might try another coat for aesthetics, but the wood is still protected and going strong.

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