DIY & the Best Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tub or Pool

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The DIY oil absorbing sponge for a hot tub or pool is a special “oil loving” polyurethane foam that can bond to the scum that floats in your tub and capture it.

I’d advise you to save yourself the trouble and buy the cheap ones (they work great!). The ones from brands such as scumbug, sunsorb, and scumball usually sell for less than 10 bucks and should last about a year so they are a better deal!

You only need to rinse them out every few weeks under the faucet. I keep one in my hot tub and one in my swimming pool all the time!

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Best Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tub or Pool

  • Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge 4 Pack


I used to have a grease slick issue in my pool and bought a pack of these. I used one and all my grease slick went away! It really is super effective.

This little white sponge works great and doesn’t mess up my water chemistry at all.

  • Solutions Group SS-1-24 Sun Sorb Swimming Pool Oil Sponge


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It does great work of cleaning the oil in your spa or pool. However, it is one-time use.

  • DEEPLITE Hot Tub Scum Absorber


It works! I used this both in my pool and hot tub and was impressed. Despite some negative reviews, this is effective at removing scum from your water.

Scumbug vs Magic Eraser

Scumbug is not like Magic eraser. It’s not made of some type of foam, like the foam material make-up sponges are made of.

This is a melamine sponge without the chalky abrasive that the magic eraser contains. However, the sponge material is the same.

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The scumbug floats on the water’s surface absorbing oils etc. and is not designed to scrub surfaces like the “magic eraser.”

Scumbug vs Scumball

Scumballs are a miracle product for use in spas and hot tubs. They come in a pack of 2 balls and float on the surface of your spa water. They are also available as “Scumbugs”, the same basic concept, except in “bug” shape.

They are very inexpensive and worth throwing in. Most of the time they will “reside” in the filter well.

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