Which are the Best Non Standard Toilet Seats to Buy?

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It is common knowledge that toilet seats come in two shapes:

  • Round and
  • Elongated

However, there are also non-standard toilet seats. An example of this is an ZI-ONE30 labelled toilet bowl which is essentially a rebranded kohler and it’s dimensions are different from all other bowls I have seen.

All my toilet bowls have 18.5″ elongation, and 5.5″ mounting spacing. And the bowl inner measurements for all my other toilets are 10″ wide, 13.5″ deep.Yet, this specific bowl has an inner bowl size of 12″ x 14″. The bowl measures 17″ at its (outer) widest point.

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Best Non Standard Toilet Seats

Best Non Standard Toilet Seats

The first thing to do is to check the model number from inside the tank. If you can’t find it, try calling the manufacturers.

The name is what determines the shape so check the pan or inside the cistern for a name. Next, is to find the measurements shown for the replacements.

You can get the measurement from the mfg. or local dealers.

Fortunately, there are many specialist seats on Amazon with different shapes of pans and matching seats.

To begin, CLICK HERE.

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