4 Best Metal Shed Chicken Coop for WINTER & SUMMER!

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Are you in need of metal shed chicken coop ideas for inspiration? Well, You’re in the right place!

Earlier this year, I and my friend Henry wanted to own a metal shed chicken house but we knew building one wouldn’t be as nice as buying pre-made ones so we went down that route.

We ordered a metal shed and did some customization. Happy to report it came out better than anything we could have hammered together.

The ease of cleaning is so easy and it is comfortable to walk in it. It is so fun and my chooks love it too. We got a pricey one though (around 3 grand). But there are cheaper options available though.

If like me you have decided to purchase and convert a shed into a chicken coop for your birds, read on.

Remember to keep your metal coop under a shade and well ventilated.

Best Metal Shed Chicken Coop

Insulation on all the ceiling and walls keeps your coop warmer in the winter, and cooler during the summer months since the heat won’t radiate through the roof and walls then.

You certainly don’t want hot chickens! Vents should be high in the walls you will need. This encourages winter moisture to leave while your birds still remain healthy.

Vents placed low on the walls is great for summer ventilation, but close them off in the winter. If a floor came with your metal bldg., I’d suggest laying a lineoleum floor on top of it just so it is easy to clean.

  • Lifetime 60127 20 x 8 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed, Desert Sand

Good design and good quality. it’s sturdy and water tight.


You have to preassemble a lot and the instructions are vague in spot but the finished product looks great!

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Best Metal Shed Chicken Coop

It has much room and the skylights put off enough light inside that I am able to see very well.

  • Arrow Shed WR106 Arrow Woodridge Low Gable Steel

This took 2 people 24 hours to build, but turned out better than expected.


The instructions are simple to read and follow. They are super clear, with helpful tints along the way.

Have a level base before setting up this unit. It comes with pre-drilled holes and it makes it very simple if you level out and square the base first.

We got our base level to ~1/8″ all around and only had issues with 1 hole not aligning very well. We also added some concrete wind anchors to attach to the floor.

  • Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights

The foundation and shed can be built in 24 hours by two people.


You should ensure the foundation is well prepared and that everything is square and perfect because as you build, you’d notice points that don’t meet up exactly and you will end up forcing it together with a small push.

The instructions were great and handy but the parts referenced in the book aren’t the same as the referenced name on the bag that parts are in, so it results in a guessing game.

Good news! You can figure out what the correct parts are to use by process of elimination fairly easily.

Call in the company and they’d provide an extra piece free of charge to keep rain from leaking through the roof softfit by the door.

If you can’t wait for them to send it, use a rubber weather stripping pieces to direct the water – and that works beautifully.

The doors were also a bit hard to lock.

We will be mounting a piece of plywood to the wall to secure our tools as the lifetime accessories are not worth the cost.

It looks great and is durable.

Overall, a great shed for a great value. Even with the leak, we are happy with the end result.

  • ABSCO 30152GK Premier Storage Shed, 10’x5′, Woodland Grey

This is a great looking metal shed. The steel is really thick and once assembled (after 4 ½ hours) it’s not going anywhere.


It holds up the snow well (even when it was heavy). It has lots of room for all your chickens. I like it.

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Insulating Metal Shed for Chicken Coop

Improve the ventilation a lot, both low and high vents will create air flow to keep the chooks healthy.

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Next, insulate with sheets of insulating foam (it’s blue and comes in 4×8 sheets from any home improvement store) then cover that with 1/4″ plywood. That would help in winter.

When summer comes, remember to ventilate it well to keep it from being a solar over and it should make an excellent coop.

I use a water heater and keep it well ventilated – this prevents the water from freezing. They all will fluff up and bunch together on the roost at night.

You can also have a south facing window to allow some daylight in. Guess what? They will keep laying all winter.

Another thing I do is swap the run-in plastic sheeting about 2feet high to create a wind block for them when they are outside in the run. Plus, it also helps prevent the snow drifts out of the run.

How to Keep it cool for Summer

Keeping your metal coop adequetly ventilated during summer and winter will go a long way. It prevents your chicken from getting too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

I also recommend filling 2 litre plastic bottles with water, freeze them and place them inside the shed. The chickens will lay up against them to keep cool. You just need to have two sets so that you can freeze one overnight, while the others keep them cool. It works great.

You’ll want to be sure of adequate ventilation for both summer and winter. keeping it well ventilated will help keep it from being too hot in the warmer months.

How to predator-proof your Metal Chicken Home

Do you have a run built? If not, remember to place fencing such as hardware cloth on the ground, or under the ground to keep predators from digging in and attacking your birds.

Do not use chicken wire for the sides, as racoons can untwist the wire, enter and do some massacre. Plus, hardware cloth is the best for safety from predators. It’s a little pricey but it is worth it!!!!

How to turn a Shed into A Chicken Coop

Install at least 2 roof vents

You should install at least 2 roof vents. I recommend using ones with hood flashing.

Then one clear sheet plastic window, bearing in mind that the larger the structure, the more windows and vents you’ll need.

Usually, the vents needs to be positioned at least a couple of few feet apart from each other to create optimum air flow, and windows should be positioned on opposite ends of the structure for proper cross-ventilation.

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Pencil Tracing

Using a pencil, you should trace the exterior of each vent you plant to install and then slowly cut each hole using a pair of tin snips or metal shears.

The same cutting pattern will prove helpful when you’re measuring, tracing and creating your window openings.

In either case, you should still be careful while taking away the metal shavings that fall to the ground during the cutting process so you don’t cut yourself or leave small pieces that your future residents might ingest.


You can position the windows and vents into their respective cutouts and secure them using a liberal application of durable weather – and UV-proof silicone caulk.

You should apply hardware cloth to the interior side of the windows and the undersides of the roof vents to discourage predators from bring harm to your flock.

Secure and Secure

You need to secure the exterior of your metal shed’s door with a tamper-proof latch using a power drill and metal screws.

Use Mesh Hardware

For added security, you should line the lower-half interior perimeter of the metal shed with fine mesh hardware cloth.

This provides additional security from both freeloading rodents and predators.

To do this: bury at least 2 or more inches of the material beneath the soil line to prevent invaders from gaining easy entry.

Insulate the coop

Here you need to fully cover all the interior walls with insulation so that no air is able to escape.

Enough insulation will keep your livestock safe from harsh temperatures during the winter and summer months, ensuring their longevity and health.

Other eco-friendly options include insulation boards made from recycled materials or from natural fibers like hemp.

Put a door, if it lacks one

You can cover the bare ground with an ample layer of sand followed by wood shavings, shredded newspaper, straw, leaves or some combination thereof.

Laying down sheets of wood is nor recommended because these tend to decompose slowly but surely over time.

Install nesting boxes, Perches or roosting bars

This is the last step and very important.

You need to install perches, nesting boxes, or roosting bars for food and chicken and water containers for all of your livestock.

Can a Metal Shed be used as a Coop?

Yes! A metal shed would make a great chicken coop!

Is a Metal Chicken Coop Safe?

It is as safe as you can make it.

Author: Howard S. Baldwin

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