What is the Best Metal Sequestering Agent for Pools? ANSWER HERE!

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The best metal sequestering agents are created to keep metals in suspension, and prevent metals from staining your pool’s surface.

In addition, they work as preventive measure against metals tinting you water.

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Best Metal Sequestering Agent for Pools

The top recommended one is the HTH Metal Control (BUY ON AMAZON)– I have had huge success with this and is affordable.

I bought mine off Amazon and after using it, I can say that it is worth every penny. I have been using it in my pool since the last fall after doing an AA treatment.

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Best Metal Sequestering Agent for Pools

It is an HEDP product and they’re one of the best. To see if your metal sequestrant is an HEDP own, you’d check the label for two important ingredients – Hydroxy Ethylidene, and Diphosphonic Acid.

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