The Best Macbook Pro In Last 5 Years to 8 Years

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Technology hasn’t been changing all that fast over the years. The gap between a 2013 Macbook pro and a 2018 MBP is much smaller than the gap between a 2008 MBP and a 2013 MBP.

2019-2021 MBP is where things begin to change.

However, the best macbook pro in last 5 years – 8 years has been the 2015 Macbook Pro!

The Retina 2012-2015 MBP are the heyday of Apple Laptops!

Best Macbook Pro In Last 5 Years to 8 Years

The Retina 2012-2015 generation Macbook Pro are the best macbook pro in the last 5 tyears.

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There was nothing on the market like it when it come out. It was the height of engineering, buil, high performance with all day battery life that lasted 2 hours longer than listed.

Yes, it’s not as reliable as the Unibody generation of laptops that preceded it, if we count the 2011 MBP then that would taje the reliability victory, but as for the newer and more modern Macbooks the issue evident in the Retina generation such as the screen coating issues were all owned up by Apple and given a very long extended replacement program.

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Best Macbook Pro Model Year

The best macbook pro model year in my opinion, is the Rmbp!

The newer ones (except the 2021) have trade-offs that I can’t stand, primarily terrible battery life at load, but also many reliability issues that seem to be alike to an over-enginnered German car.

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The battery, hard-drive, and screen cost more to replace than the generation before, but there is nothing prone to failure that wouldn’t have failed already in this generation.

My 2013 and 2015 rMBP still handles tasks thrown at it like new and after its recent battery replacement, I bet it could go another 6 years.

In fact, I would prefer a 2015 Macbook Pro bought used over any of the failure prone versions as of late. I don’t think I’m the only one.

Best Macbook Pro Year to Buy Used

You can buy the 2018 15” i9, 32GB used.

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I have used MBP 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2015 Macbook Pros and the 2018 is just in a different league of its own.

I have switched completely to USB-C, and got all the cables for my iPhone and Watch, and also a Samsung T5 SSD, so I don’t miss anything really but the MagSafe.

The performance of the 2018 is just on another level.

I have not had any keyboard issues, battery life is great and display is just stunning.

So yeah, I’d say the 2018 is the winner in my books.

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Best Macbook Pro Ever Made

Although I root for 2018 model, I cannot deny that 2015 15″ MacBook Pro Retina with standard USB ports, SD slot and MagSafe power is a beast!.

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