SOME of the Best Lockshield Valve Keys in the UK

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Do you need to purchase some of the best lockshield keys on the market, like a bleed valve? We’ve got you covered.

A lot of DIY’ers are sick of using an adjustable and would prefer a proper key.

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Best Lockshield Valve Keys

Well, depending on the make of lockshield, you will find that not all products are the same. Many a time, you can use a head of a manual wheel head valves though. Just make sure you keep a selection instead of actually scraping them.

Since not all lockshileds are the same head size, we recommend shopping around on AMAZON.

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Lockshield Valve Key

However, the lockshield key is called a 3-way key, and not all have the same head size. The size increases with the bigger pipes but from 1/2″-2″ they do tend to be the same.

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