3 ‘EASY” & Best Latches for Chicken Coop [Predator-Proof]

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Are you in the process of finishing your coop and need sturdy yet best quality predator-proof latches for chicken coop easy for kids and adults to open and close, but hard for raccoons, bobcats, and other predators? You’re in the right place.

The following latches can be used for the chicken door, nest box lid, and main door.

Best Latches for Chicken Coop

Given the sheer number of predators that constantly prowl around coops during the day and night and the threat that an unsecured or poorly secured door poses for your chickens at the hands of a “jack-the-ripper” raccoon, secure chicken coop door latches are an important part of every chicken farmer’s safety system.

What better way to secure your birds than getting the best predator-proof latches, right?

  • Carabiner

This remains the best yet simplest means of preventing raccoons from sneaking into your chicken coop by undoing the latch and having a feast.


The carabiner involves using multiple movements to unlock. It’s no wonder it is a trusted raccoon-proof chicken coop latch.

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The addition is needed in the opening of the carabiner and the removal of it from the latch in order to access the latch itself – very smart, uhn? I agree.

Of note, while carabiners are effective in keeping out four legged predators, they are not so good at restricting the two-legged predators. That level of protection is best handled

  • Screw Link

Using a screw link is another popular option when it comes to shopping for a chicken coop door latch. It requires several twisting motions for it to be removed from the door.


This makes the lock too complex for racoons, bobcat, and cougar to undo, and thus remains a sure way to prevent a predatory breach of your coop.

  • Padlocks

If you’re still unsure of your coop’s safety then you should opt for a padlock.


A lot of farmers use the best padlocks possible on their door laches to provide the highest level of security for their chickens.

In general, any two-step latch system will be sufficient in preventing a raccoon from unlocking and accessing your coop, but spring locks and barrel-style locks are always a fool-proof way to keep your hens safe and secure in the face of ruthless predators.

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Best Latches for Chicken Coop

Latches You should Avoid

There are Lack-Luster Latches you need to avoid when trying to select the best type of protection for your coop.

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They include:

  • Hook and Eye Lock

This is the most basic and (most common) style of lock that is used on chicken coop doors.

Racoons can easily get past this type of lock and gain access to your precious hens’ sanctuary.

Hook and Eye Lock

Plus, these type of locks makes it easy for cougar, bobcats, and thieving humans to wreak havoc!

Hook and eye lock are available in form of horizontal and vertical latches and the racoon will be able to undo the lock irrespective of what position it takes.

Instead, it is best to avoid the use of hook-and-eye latches for your chicken coop doors in favor of some of the more advanced pieces of equipment that are sure to keep your flock happy and out of harm’s way.

Predators to Watch Out For

Depending on where you live, here are some common animals that might want to snack on your chickens:

  • Racoons
  • Bobcat
  • Fox
  • Coyote
  • Birds of Prey – Owls, Hawks, Eagles
  • Possum
  • Rat
  • Snakes
  • Dog
  • Bear
  • Cougar

Coop Doors That Need Solid Latches

Yes, there are parts of your chicken coop that are “targets” of predators. Here’s them and how you can keep them secure:

  • Main Door

By placing your latch far enough up on the door, you are able to prevent some predators like foxes, opossum, etc. from gaining entry into your chicken pen.

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However, having a secure latch like the ones recommended above ensures the best security available.

  • Pop Hole Door

The pop hole door is the door where your chickens typically enter in and out of the coop.

Some owners would prefer an automatic pop hole door which can be set up in such a way that it opens and closes automatically.

But, if you aren’t a fan of these fancy additions, then going the traditional pop hole door route with a good latch system is the way to go.

  • Run Door

Attaching a run to your coop means it likely has its own entrance. So, like the main door, the run dor should also be shut securely using a quality latch.

  • Nest Box Door

A Nesting box latch is essential to control access to your coops’ egg compartment.

If not, raccoons and other predators may be craft enough to dip their bodies in and eat away!

Closing “Clucks”

We hope our article has proven helpful in helping you determine the importance of quality latches for protecting your feathered companions.

In summary, for maximum safety (and peace of mind), you’ll want to consider a chicken coop door latch that will stand up to the most conniving of critters. These would include a carabiner, screw link or, if you’re serious, a padlock.

Good Luck!

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