What is by far the Best Laserdisc Player for The Money? FIND OUT!

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Due to a finite supply of laserdisc players are becoming more expensive, but if you have got the extra dollar to spend then this might not be an issue for you.

If you have the money to splurge on a laserdisc player, other things you should likely be considering are the picture quality,  but they feature noise reduction and have both dual side play and an AC-3 output among other features.

Best Laserdisc Player for The Money

Some best laserdisc players for the money to consider are the pioneer LD-S2 and CLD-97.

Generally, the S2 is known to have a slightly smoother and more firm picture while the 97 processes a sharper image, it looks slightly processed but this all depends on your display.

  • Pioneer DVL-919 DVD / LaserDisc / CD and CD-R Player

The pioneer DVL-919 DVD/LaserDisc is steep in price but it is worth every penny spent on it, it can play all forms of the disc from laserdisc to video CDs, to even Audio CDs.


It features a very good picture quality on the LD side, the sound quality is better, even better than that of a DVD or a BLU RAY solely due to compression and size between them.

The DVL-919 can play only the NTSC LDS. It has an LD change time that is remotely shorter than what other players deliver. It is a multiple format player playing CD/DVD and Laserdisc player, it has a combination of both video formats to enable it to play all collections of DVDs and Laserdisc.

It has a wide dual side play and a DTS digital output with a 3-line digital comb filter, has a conditioned memory, a virtual Dolby surrounds, and an easy-to-understand graphical user interface with remote control.

This player can be used to play large laserdisc, you can play as many as 12 laserdiscs on this player and DVDs as well. For an amazing performance, it features a Hi-Bit conversion, for LD memory playback it has a digital memory field.

It has a video processing output of 10bit, a 10-bit DAC has a component video output with a 2- gold plated S- video output, 2 Gold plated video output, and 2- gold plated Audio output with a Coaxial digital output for digital Dolby PCM/ DTS.

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Pros of Using The Pioneer DVL-919 DVD / LaserDisc / CD and CD-R Player

  • It is a multi-format player
  • Comes with a composite video output that lets you watch analog-video
  • Features advance good user interface for control of a versatile range of operations
  • It will not take up much space in your rack console
  • Features a 10- bit DAC.

Pioneer CLD-M90 Laserdisc Player / 5-CD Changer

The pioneer CLD-M90 has a 1-bit DA converter design for digital audio, it is capable of playing 5 Disc, it is, however, a single side player but as a result of the 5 disc changer mechanism it is known for, the flip happens anyways.


It is a mid-end player that produces a bit more noise than its other counterparts high-end players if the monitor is optimized properly for a particular format and the disc has a good transfer then it can produce fine pictures.

The CLD- M90 plays not only the 8-inch and 12-inch laser video disc but also the 3 and 5inch compact disc.

It is programmable, you select it from the various disc in the drawers and listen to them in any order you decide.

It features a random play order that allows the machine to choose the musical selection, as a result of the dedicated CD player’s” one-bit digital to analog conversion technology” it has excellent sound quality, the size is manageable as it measures 17-⅛ inches wide and 16-⅛ inches deep by 5-9/16 inches tall.

If you are considering purchasing an LD player and a multi-disc CD changer, consider going for this M90.

Pros of Using The Pioneer CLD-M90 Laserdisc Player / 5-CD Changer

  • It has excellent sound quality
  • Has a manageable size
  • It is a multi-disc CD changer
  • It features a random play order that allows the machine to select the music
  • It produces fine pictures when optimized.

Best Laserdisc Player for The Money


The pioneer CLD- V2600 Laserdisc player with remote has excellent video quality.


It is heavy-duty equipment, has long-term durability, and can be easily operated.

You can operate it using the remote control, computer, barcode, or with the extensive control found on the front panel.

It features a two-speed shuttle dial control, an S- video terminal for amazing clear pictures, and a headphone jack with volume control to control the volume.

This Pioneer CLD V-2600 will play all DVDs and CDs, it also features a digital and analog Audio, a CX decoder text display for showing titles, comments, and instructions.

It does not offer a DTS feature, but if you have an idea of how to navigate around it, you might end up having good quality audio out of your laserdisc.

It is an industrial laser disc with excellent video and audio output.

Pros of using The Pioneer CLD V-2600 LASERDISC PLAYER with REMOTE

  • It features a digital and analog audio
  • Has a two-speed shuttle dial control
  • It can be operated either using the remote control, barcode, or a computer.
  • Has long term durability and is functional
  • Has no DTS but still provides excellent audio output.

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Pioneer LaserDisc & CD Player Model CLD–S201

The pioneer laserdisc and CD player is a good vintage laserdisc from Sony.

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It has a quality VCR and the cassette deck performed well. You can see it to play Cds and CDVs.

It has a good picture and audio quality.

It additionally offers some high technological advancements like USB digital encoding, it features an independent CD tray to facilitate quicker CD playing.

It features a decent interface with lots of Knobs and LCDs indicators, it is easy to use but pretty basic for a laser disc, It has a main tray and also a separate tray that pops out when you want to load CDs. The video and audio optics are quite recommendable for low-end players.

With this player, you can listen to either digital or analog tracks, it is single-sided so you can’t listen to DTS tracks with it, it also has no S- Video output as well. The audio lacks good imaging when compared to a good DTS DVD or DD.

Pros of Using The Pioneer LaserDisc & CD Player Model CLD-S201

  • Have good audio and video even the fact that it is a low-end player
  • It is pretty basic
  • Its menu is easy to use
  • It is dependable
  • Has a good VCR that is of high quality

Pioneer DVL-909 DVD Laserdisc LD/CD Player

The pioneer DVL-909 DVD Laserdisc LD/CD player is a player that will play CDs, Laserdisc, and DVDs, it is a combo of LD and DVD, the LD portion of the DVL-909 conveniently plays both NTSC and PAL laserdiscs as well.

It has a funky remote that is comprehensive, this player accepts 12in the disc and the front panel is not clustered as the result of not having too many function buttons, nearly all the controls were handwritten into the remote control.

The only buttons you will find on the DVL-909 are the separate buttons for opening and close for the LD tray or the DVD/CD tray.

Play/pause, stop, forward, and the reverse is used rarely because of the standby mode.

It has two SCART in/out the socket with a 75-ohm component video output, an S- video, Optical, and Coaxial Digital Video, etc.

The player comes with a 60-page English-only manual, it is easily connected as you can connect it like you would a CD player.

You can as well have this player configured to suit your needs by adapting the video to suit a widescreen, you choosing the color of the background, etc.

This player handles all types of CDs, LD, and DVD of the appropriate region or zone.

It features Dolby digital and also  DTS into the necessary decoders.

Pros of Using The Pioneer DVL-909 DVD Laserdisc LD/CD Player

  • It handles all types of CDs, LX, and DVDs appropriate to the zone
  • It is easily connected
  • It is a combination of LD and DVD
  • It can be configured to your needs
  • Have a good picture and audio quality, albeit it is expensive

Pioneer CLD-2080 CD CDV LaserDisc Player

The pioneer CLD-2080 is a play both side machine that plays both sides of a disc without having to open the tray and flip the disc.

The player supports double audio and video output on the rear panel, it also makes use of a twin 1bit digital-analog converter.

To reduce vibration and improve the speed of the side changes, a new side mechanism was employed.

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It has a frequency of 4hz to 20kHz and it has a 105db signal to noise, a 98db dynamic range. This player plays multiple sizes and formats of the disc, it has a search and scan feature and a track program, it has a repeat and a CAV trick play, it displays time, and has a CX system.

It has a full-function remote control with Audio channel selection and the last memory.

The quality of the laserdisc picture is a little weak, it is designed for industrial players.

Pros of Using The Pioneer CLD-2080 CD CDV LaserDisc Player

  • Plays every DVD format and region
  • It is of a high-quality build
  • Has a full-function remote control with audio channel selection and last memory
  • It plays multiple sizes and formats of disc
  • The player supports double video and audio output.

Magnavox DV225MG9 DVD Player and 4 Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR (Renewed)

The Magnavox DV225MG9 DVD player with 4 Head Hi- For stereo, VCR is both a DVD player and a video recorder, it gives a progressive Scan Video output and it is Ideal for playing movies, it is a virtual surround system with a Dolby digital Stream out, satellite link recording, slow motion video, S- video output, it plays DVD, DVD+R/RW,(VR format), CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, (Video format) Audio CD. It has fantastic sound quality. It is both a DVD/VHS player, it is quite pricey but worth it. Apart from working well, it is quite easy to hook up.

Pros of Using The Magnavox DV225MG9 DVD Player and 4 Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR (Renewed)

  • It works perfectly well
  • It features an easy setup
  • The unit is easy to use, although it is quite pricey
  • It is a good VHS player/ recorder and a good DVD combo.
  • It has a comprehensive remote with all the needed function button them

Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer, Black

It is an excellent CD player with the convenience of holding up to 6CDs, The Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer, black is an extremely powerful digital to analog converter, it processes information faster and is virtually resistant to clock jitter, to ensure the best possible performance from DVD- Audio, DVD- video, and Audio CD.

You get to integrate and operate all the compatible components by using the remote control. The Remote interactive capability enables you to connect your iPod to your receiver through Onkyo’s RI Dock for the iPod(DS-A1).

You can store many songs using the same amount of space, it features various bitrates that allow for higher and lower quality depending on the desired quality sound.

It features a multi-bit D/A converter and a 128 X oversampling, it has a six-disc capability, six-disc repeat mode, and 40-track programming, it can change 5 discs while the last one is still playing.

It has a Vector linear shaping circuitry for smoother sounding signals.

Pros of Using The Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer, Black

  • It features a multi-bit D/A converter
  • It can change 5 discs while the last one is still playing
  • It has a Vector linear shaping circuitry for a smoother sounding signals
  • The Remote Interactive capability enables you to connect your iPod to your receiver
  • It is resistant to clock jitters and processes information faster

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