The Most “VALUED” & Best Laserdisc Player for HDTV

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The best laserdisc player for HDTV should be one that when in use will reduce nose artifacts, ghosting, cross talks, off colors, etc.

The focus should be clear and additionally, you should get a Laserdisc player that the DVD recorder will do a good job in converting composite color space to the component.

Since the LD picture might be darkened slightly as a result of the recorder, it will be a good idea to toggle the brightness and contrast settings a little bit.

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Best Laserdisc Player for HDTV

The cabling makes more difference in analog signals than digital signals, other important factors include comb filtering, interlacing, and scaling quality, all these factors influence getting a real good outcome out of your laserdisc for HDMI.

  • Pioneer DVL-919 DVD / LaserDisc / CD and CD-R Player

The Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/LaserDisc/CD and CD-R player is a combination of DVD, LaserDiscs, and CD player with component video output, it is a multi-format player with a component video output. It features Dolby Digital and DTS digital outputs.


This player is ideal for people that still prefer the analog-video format to DVD-compressed digital video.

And this player accommodates both formats t is loaded with features of videophiles including 10-but video processing, a three-line digital comb filter, component-video output, and 24-bit digital to analog converters that offer the Dolby Digital and Digital Theatre sound outputs.

This player can Freeze Frame on a dime, for instance, it can press pause on the remote control for the very frame you are on, without having the correct direction, it will play black and white.

This player has the capability of getting destroyed by lightning or other power surges, to extend the life of this player, the only thing you have to do is to leave it unplugged from any power source, better still you can run all your A-V equipment through a monster HDP 1800 power filter/ surge protector during operation.

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Pros of Using The Pioneer DVL-919 DVD / LaserDisc / CD and CD-R Player

  • It features the S- video output which is the best video output of the player
  • The Laserdisc side of the player supports the DTS technology
  • You have both a DVD and a Laserdisc Player all in one
  • It has a component video output
  • Features Dolby Digital and DTS video outputs.

Pioneer LaserDisc Player CLD-1070

The pioneer laserdisc player CLD-1070 although employing older technology that pre-date the DVD era essentially ends up doing the same thing, the laserdisc is digital for video and audio, it will work with digital TV like the Roku smart TV, the laserdisc is single-sided and it does come with the remote control, it sometimes comes with connection cords, but that depends solely on the seller.


It features both composites video output and the S-Video output, it was made in Japan and has a weight of 17lbs making it lightweight.

The playable disc format on this player is the LD, LD 20cm, CD, CD 8cm, and CDV. The playable laserdisc mode is CAV and CLV.

It features a CX noise reduction and it does not play both-side play, it is an infrared diode laser type with a 37w power consumption, it has a frequency response of 20-20,000HZ and a 70dB on the signal to noise reduction ratio on the Analog Audio characteristics.

The video characteristics, it has a horizontal resolution of  425 lines, a video signal-to-noise ratio of 46db, a laser wavelength of 780, and a nil digital video processor.

Pros of Using The Pioneer LaserDisc Player CLD-1070

  • It features both composite and S-video output
  • It works with digital TVs as well
  • It features a CX- noise reduction
  • Has a playable disc format of LD, CD, CDV, etc.
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Best Laserdisc Player for HDTV

Pioneer CLD-D704

The Pioneer CLD-D704 is an industry standard for all featured high-end performance at an affordable price, it offers variable digital video noise reduction, and the V-DNR allows manual on-screen adjustments of both high frequency and color video noise.

It allows for exact matching of the player video high frequency with output with your monitor’s input sensitivity.

It provides a maximum resolution with a minimum noise caused by the monitor input circuit overdrive.

It also features a new quick turn mechanism, an AC3 output jack, digital optical and coaxial output jacks for using it with DTS surround sound decoders, separate drawers for CDs, digital freeze-frame, and special video effects on CLV disc.

It also features a 3- line digital combo filter with S-video output.

It is a laserdisc videodisc system, with a compact disc with video and compact disc digital audio system, the laserdisc is a 12-inch(30cm) CAV extended-play disc and a 60min playtime and features both sides CLV standard-play disc with a 40min playtime on both side.

As for the CD, it is a 5-inch(12cm) that has over 60 min playtime with a spindle motor speed of 500-340rpm and a 3-inch(8cm) with over 20min playtime with spindle-motor speeds of 500-340rpm.

The CDV features a 20min playtime for audio-only playback with a (spindle motor with a 5-inch (12cm) speeds:500-340rpm) and a 5 min playtime for audio/video playback(spindle-motor speeds:2,700-1,800rpm).

Pros of Using The Pioneer CLD-D704

  • It features a new quick turn mechanism with an AC3 output jack
  • Features a digital freeze-frame
  • It provides maximum resolution with minimum noise reduction
  • It also features a 3- line digital combo filter with S-video output.
  • Provides special video effects on CLV disc.

Pioneer CLD-99

The pioneer CLD-99 features a disc format for CD and LD only, it has a 117dB signal-to-noise ratio and a dynamic range of 99bB, its digital output is optical and coaxial with SVHS, composite as the video connections.

It plays both CDs and LCDs with separate drawers, the audio features have a CX noise reduction system and a 1-Bit DLC D/A converter with a Direct CD.

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The video features include a horizontal resolution with 425 lines and a 52dB video signal to noise ratio, it features a digital video processing system with a variable digital noise reduction and a time base corrector.

It has a digital time base corrector, digital comb filter 3- Dimensional, and Digital Field Memory.

It has a repeat mode of 7 and 24 steps for program play(chapter/track) with a multi-speed play for forward/reverse and 4 steps CAV/CLV/CDV with a still/step for forward/reverse and a one-shot memory with last memory with review mode.

It completely separates drawers for each format and that makes it super flexible, it has a bright display and it is clear and the remote has a multifunctional job wheel, it is complete with both manual and remote.

It is a great player with a sharp picture, it has a fast side-changing mechanism and it is quite easy to clean.

The front panel control is limited which means everything is on the remote, you have to press the button a remote before you can activate the last memory, unlike other players that do so when you resume a disc after turning on the player.

Without the original remote, there is just no way you can access the last memory, it does better with reds most especially on the warning logo than any other player.

The 99 can be connected to a JVC AV 27530 CRT set and it is connected via composite, the combo filter in this player is simply amazing and it features 2D comb filters.

Pros of Using The Pioneer CLD-99

  • Has an amazing combo filters
  • Has a fast side changing mechanism and it is easy to clean
  • Plays both CDs and LCDs with Separate drawers
  • The video features include a horizontal resolution with 425 lines and a 52dB video signal to noise ratio
  • The picture quality is crystal clear and has a clear audio quality as well, it also has a digital field memory.

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