DIY & the Best Incubator for Puppies + FAQs

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A puppy incubator is used to regulate the temperatures of birds, critters, puppies, kittens etc. to make sure they stay warm during their first few weeks of life.

This is most especially useful for rejected or premature puppies.

The incubator needs to be kept inside the whelping box so the bitch can monitor her puppies as well as you.

Our article here breaks down what an incubator for a puppy does, the best portable incubator for puppies, how you can use it to save your furry friend, and when and why you should use one.

Best Incubator for Puppies



  • Rcom A&I Curadle Critter Pet Brooder MX B 90 N Plus Bonus Reservoir 2 yr. Warranty
  • Curadle R-com Pet Brooder MXB60N 2 year Warranty
  • Brinsea Products TLC-30 Eco Brooder Intensive Care Unit for Young, Sick Or Injured Birds & Small Animals, Off White
  • HKDQ Puppy Incubator

Here’s how to save your doggy friend:

  • Rcom A&I Curadle Critter Pet Brooder MX B 90 N Plus Bonus Reservoir 2 yr. Warranty

The curadle pet brooder is one of the most advanced Care unit for new-born and sick animals.

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It is one of the best used by vet practitioners and puppy breeders.

The primary features of this incubator are:

  • Automatic control and setting for temperature and humidity
  • A built-in pump for humidity.
  • A centralized heating system
  • A built-in anion activation function

This unit comes with a large window in the front for clear and better visibility.

It has a 5-stage dimmer for indoor illumination control. I love the oxygen tank and nebulizer inlet and those are some of what you need to watch out for.

The Curadle Pet Brooder is a great option for a puppy incubator for dog breeders because of its plenty reviews and high-quality build.

This is the best value incubator for dogs!

  • Curadle R-com Pet Brooder MXB60N 2 year Warranty

This brooder is well packaged, heats up quickly and is incredibly simple to use!

I used them to keep our adopted kittens alive and it was really worth the price. I like the fact that the tank was 2 gallons I think, which is way bigger than we planned for but it is useful to have.

The warranty period is 2 years and we liked that fact too.

Their customer care replies mail very fast – I mean really fast!

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  • Brinsea Products TLC-30 Eco Brooder Intensive Care Unit for Young, Sick Or Injured Birds & Small Animals, Off White

This is an affordable puppy warmer for newborns!

Small dog breeders will love this! It has proven to be a great help during the whelping stages to keep pups warm and dry while their dog mom whelps the next.

Occasionally, I take puppies to emergency visits to vet in there, and you can use the port on top to pipe in oxygen.

It really works, great!

Best Incubator for Puppies

  • HKDQ Puppy Incubator

This item works excellently just as described.

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Shipping is fast and the package will arrive well packed. Assembling this unit and setting up with a nebulizer is so simple too.

The fold down windows at the back and front are cleaver. Overall use is easy and it only needs wiping down to disinfect after each use.

  • Vetario S40 Intensive Care Incubator

The Vetario S40 Intensive Care Incubator is easy to clean and durable too.

It serves as a safe and warm chamber for puppies to stay in. The removable reservoir can be taken out and refilled to increase humidity levels and prevent the case of puppy dehydration.

Other features include:

  • A digital temperature controls
  • Easy to clean interior
  • Made from high quality materials

How to Make an Incubator for Puppies

Building an homemade puppy incubator is the next alternative for a person who doesn’t have enough bucks to pay for a puppy care incubator.

Here is a step-by-step guide to a diy puppy incubator with oxygen:

  • Step One

Use a box made from wood or carboard and line it with an insulator.

The insulator can be Styrofoam. Ensure it’s a good one.

An alternative route would be to build your own box out of plywood and nails or wood glue. Remember, to size the box according to the number and size of puppies you have or are expecting.

For instance, a litter of Cane Corso will need to be much bigger than one for American Eskimo.

  • Step Two

Now, place a controllable heat source in the box.

We recommend using a temperature-controlled heating pad here.

Just remember to wrap it in a towel and control it.

The recommended temperature for the heating box is between 85-90 degrees for the first five weeks of life. Make sure to monitor and maintain this temperature.

  • Step Three

You can place a small dish of water in the box.

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Why a dish of water? Because it helps control the humidity that is important in the box.

Remember that at that stage, the puppies’ skin isn’t completely developed yet, and that can lead to dehydration fast.

The perfect humidity will be around 65% a humid gauge should be used to measure and regulate this.

How to Use a Puppy Incubator

  • At first, keep the temperatures at 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit for the first week.
  • In the second week, reduce the temperatures to 80 degrees.
  • From that point, you can continue to lower the temperature slowly until it is about 70 degrees when the puppies reach 6 weeks.
  • Most of the high-end incubators have a control panel that lets you see the internal temperature so you can control it whenever you like.
  • When placing your puppy inside, you need to make sure there are no drafts and the heating is working as expected.

The cold temperatures can be harmful to young puppies since they’re unable to regulate their own body temperatures yet.

If your home is cold or you reside in a colder climate, then it would be wiser to take your puppies out of the incubator less.

Remember, temperature shock can be harmful to them.

Can You Use An Egg Incubator For Puppies?

No, that’s a terrible idea!

Do Puppies Need Incubator?

You should use an incubator until your puppies are old enough to regulate their own body temperatures.

You can stop using it at 7-8 weeks old when they are old enough to move around and regulate their own temperatures.

What Temp Should Incubator Be For Puppies?

The air temperature in the Incubator should be kept at 85° to 90°F for the first week. The second week, reduce the gradually to 80°F.

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