[How to Hatch] & the Best Incubator for Pheasant Eggs

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There are not so many incubators for pheasant eggs. So, we are doing a review of one we have had big success with.

Best Incubator for Pheasant Eggs

The company is great and their customer care satisfaction is awesome!

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It worked well to incubate our last pheasant eggs batch and we had over 97% hatch rate.

I bought an additional humidity tray, 6 egg holders and the water bucket. Its been worth the money.

I love this digital incubator. I also use it to hatch my guineas and chicken eggs. It works for them too!

How Long Do Pheasant Eggs Take to Hatch In An Incubator?

Pheasant eggs take 23-25 days to hatch in an incubator.

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Time is the biggest factor. Others include genetics, management, and temperature.

What Temp Do You Incubate Pheasant Eggs?

99 degrees temperature and 51% humidity is recommended for the first 20 days.

We use a mercury thermometer to verify the information it displays and it is always accurate.

How do You Hatch Pheasant Eggs In Incubator?

To incubate pheasant eggs:

  • Place the eggs in the incubator
  • Turn them 5-7 times every 24 hours
  • 3 days to hatching, stop turning them.

Note: DO not freak out if you have to open the incubator before they hatch or if you don’t turn them for X amount per days.

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Are Pheasant Eggs Hard to Hatch?

The pheasant eggs aren’t hard to hatch and they typically hatch after 22 days of incubation.

From experience, the humidity level will determine if your egg will lose weight too fast or not quick enough.

How to Hatch Pheasant Eggs Without An Incubator

Place eggs under a substitute mother (another broody peasant, ducks, chicken, turkey etc).

Pheasant Egg Incubation Humidity

The recommended temperature should be 99.4 F in an incubator and the humidity should be 83-84 F wet bulb (53% relative humidity).

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