How to Hatch & the Best Incubator for Ostrich Eggs

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There are only a very few incubators on the market that can handle the immense size and special needs for ostrich egg incubation.

There are some really good tabletop incubator model that can accommodate the large size of the ostrich egg and the top 3 here supports automatic egg turning.

Best Incubator for Ostrich Eggs

Here we have incubators that have proven track records of hatching ostrich eggs:

  • Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502

An amazing cabinet incubator for ostrich eggs. I’ve received an awesome hatch rate out of this incubator. The digital read is very accurate.

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This incubator holds its temperature very steady and hold plenty of eggs.

You do need to purchase separate to hold the eggs, and I would recommend getting them on Amazon too.

The humidity pail is also worth buying. Using this thin is simple as plugging in and you’re good to go!

  • LRBBH 256 Incubator

This provides a good ventilation for your eggs and ensures there is always fresh air circulated to improve the success rate of hatching.

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It boasts of temperature and humidity sensors, which can accurately control and automatically control temperature and humidity.

It can be used for hatching, brooding, and shelling too. It has all that you need so you might not need to buy extra accessories.

The automatic turner is helpful. I like the easy to display LED with its control button too.

Overall, I rate this 4/5.

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How do You Incubate Ostrich Eggs?

  • Get an incubator
  • Place the eggs on the side/at a 45-degree angle.
  • Turn the eggs at least twice a day (we recommend 8-10 times per day).
  • On the 39th day, do not turn, transfer it to the hatcher.
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best incubator for ostrich eggs

How Long Does an Ostrich Egg Take To Hatch?

An ostrich egg takes 35-45 days to hatch.

How Much Is an Ostrich Egg For Hatching?

Companies typically charge anywhere from $110-$150 per egg.

How Many Eggs Do Ostriches Lay?

In the wild: Female ostriches lay 12-18 eggs.

In farms, Young females lay 10-20 eggs in the first year and then 40-130 eggs per year (most often 40-60 eggs) in the following years.

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