FAQ’s + The Grower’s Best Incubator for Mushrooms

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Getting an incubator for mycelium colonization is great!

In fact, the main goal of an incubator is to provide an optimal environment for mycelium growth, which mimics, so to say, the conditions which mycelium encounters in nature.

Best Incubator for Mushrooms

Here are some of the best incubator for mycelium colonization:

  • MycoBROODER Mushroom Incubator Holds 12+ Quart Substrate Jars Mushroom Growing

This 11-gallon incubating chamber comes with automatic heat control. It is fitted with a 20w internal heat mat and LTL heat mat controller.

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It can raise temperatures up to 78°F – 82°F, perfect to colonize your PF Tek, Grain Spawn jars or bags

This 46 Quart Mushroom Incubation chamber has a capacity of  (14x) 32 oz / 1 Qt. Ball Canning Jars 20 watt Heat Mat Digital LTL Heat Mat Controller Custom cut internal grid rack to allow even air flow around entire jars.

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  • Virgenu 12 Jars Mushroom Growing Kit Ultimate Fast Automated Cultivation Equipment

Most of the negative reviews I have stumbled upon are mostly from people who don’t know their stuff.


This product substrate arrives in bubble wrap and sealed package well. The box id delivered in tact with none of the contents broken.

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The instructions on how to use it to grow is really easy to understand. The box it ships in can function as your “still air” box and very little supplies are required extra.

I’d recommend ordering some Tyvek material, alcohol wipes, gloves, isopropyl Alcohol and mixing it at a 10% Bleach & Water mixture in a spray bottle prior to unpacking.

Make sure to Disinfect and keep the jars in a dark place. Substrate looks good with no mycelium growth out of package. I am happy with this package and was a little nervous after purchasing.

  • EarlyGrow 95457 24″ x 15″ x 16.75″ Domed Propagator, Green, 3 Side Extenders and Locking Clip Set

This is so well made, sturdy, and simple to put together in less than 30 minutes.

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The clear cover fits on top of it. There are dual extra expanders upward you can use too.

The plastic is clear like glass and are great for monitoring the seedlings as you grow them.

I rarely recommend anything this wonderful but it really is terrific. 2 weeks later I love it even more. It is so well made.

best incubator for mushrooms

Do I Need an Incubator for Mushrooms?

No, mushrooms do need incubators. But, they do need an incubating period, where mycelium can grow enough to fully colonize the whole substrate before inducing fruiting, and that prevents early contamination.

Once this happens, an increase in O2 and decrease in CO2 plus light triggers knotting and subsequent fruiting.

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