Neonatal Kittens Care! 2 Best Incubator For Kittens

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Our friend, Bella passed away and that left her very young kittens alone in this world. We had to pick them up and use Brinsea incubators and RCOM small Pet Curadle to keep them warm – Yes, they were that many.

They both worked well and I decided I was going to share my review of this incubator for neonatal kittens.

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Best Incubator For Kittens

Also known as “intensive care units”, these are some of the best ones:

  • Brinsea Products Small Brooder/Intensive Care Unit for Warming

Brinsea incubators are great, easy to clean, wonderful, great quality, and have solid sides to provide the babies more security and reduce the stress on them.


These units features a digital temperature control, air filtration, an immersible bottom to facilitate easy cleaning, and a clear door so rehabbers can keep an eye on the poor babies.

There are plenty of cheap incubators on the market, and some diy incubator for kittens that costs less, but they are not half as reliable as these. Please consider Brinsea.

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best incubator for kittens

  • Rcom Incubator For Kittens

This product is easy and great to use. Lightweight, portable and easy to clean!


Taking care of neonate kittens can be hard, but having them in a stable, controlled environment takes plenty of that worry away.

The RCOM Small Pet Curadle has proven to be a game-changer for orphan kitten fostering.

It provides constant temperature-controlled environment that makes a big difference in the survivability of newborn babies.

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Being able to have a low-level illumination available make middle-of-the-nigh feedings much easier to handle.

You should add that to the ability to nebulize and/or add oxygen, and you have a complete neonatal ICU.

If you do a lot of neonatal animal rescue, the curadle is a must-have.

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Kitten Incubator Temperature

0-1 week 87-90°F & 60% humidity
1-2 weeks 85-87°F & 60% humidity
2-3 weeks 80-85°F & 60% humidity.


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