TOP 3 Good,Better & Best Incubator for Goose Eggs

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Are you looking for the best and most cost-effective incubators for goose eggs? Well, we have done the hard part of testing many incubators for you and we’ve listed two that performed wonderfully well.

With these two, you can forget the horror stories of goslings burning themselves on the heating elements or a low hatchability rate.

Best Incubator for Goose Eggs

  • R-Com MX-20 Plastic

I recommend the R-20 incubator as this would gladly hold 10 goose eggs. However, ask for the goose egg turner too as you order for it.

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I love mine and I use it to hatch chicken, ducks and goose.


  • HovaBator Genesis 1588

We used the Hovabator 1588 Genesis and are in love with it too. This will gladly hold large goose eggs with no issues at all.


We recently hatches geese this morning and they all made it. You can purchase a goose egg tray or hand turn.

I usually hand turn mine and would lay them on the mesh on their sides. I prefer it that way.

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Last year, my best friend was able to hatch 40 goslings from about 35 eggs. She would use this unit and hand turn at least 3 times a day, misted with water most days, and increase the humidity for hatch.

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best incubator for goose eggs

Goose Egg Incubation Temperature and Humidity

The recommended temperature should be maintained at 37.7°C with a relative humidity of 50-55 percent for the first 27 days.

Goose Egg Lockdown

Your goose eggs can take up to 28-32 days to hatch, although some can take longer. I usually stop turning on day 26 and do not move them so they can hatch with no issues at all!

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Turning them during that period cold kill them. Once you set them to hatch, do not roll them or move them.

The gosling’s neck is so long that it takes a while for it to get into position. If you move the egg you could kill it.

They can take up to 48 hours or more to hatch after first pip, so don’t freak if they’re pipped for more than a few hours.

How Long Does It Take for A Canadian Goose Egg to Hatch?

It takes 28 days for the eggs to hatch once all the eggs are laid. The average clutch size is 5 eggs, though 2-12 eggs is possible.

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