[How to Hatch] & Best Incubator for Emu Eggs

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Emu eggs can be incubated on their sides and they need to be turned 180 degrees at least 3 times a day.

Using the best incubator for emu eggs guarantees the maximum capacity to handle the large size and unique needs of Emu eggs.

Best Incubator for Emu Eggs

Here are the biggest, easy-to-use, and best-designed specifically for Emu egg:

  • GQF Hovabator 1588

I have had success with using GQF Hovabator 1588 and hand turning the eggs.


I was able to fit 5-6 eggs in there and turned 180 degrees back and forth. DO NOT incubate vertically or turn in one direction. That could result in poor hatchability.

You’ll also need to manage the humidity. Remember, the eggs need to loose between 12 and 15% of theur weight by the time they hatch.

You should weigh them weekly to see where they’re at. Not doing that means you’re playing “Hit or miss”.

I don’t trust any off the shelf hydrometer, they aren’t accurate more often than not. So, I recommend using a lab grade hydrometer that’s been reliably tested.

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It is best to go by the weight of the egg and increase or decrease the amount of water in the incubator as needed.

This incubator is nod doubt one of the Best low cost incubator that can be used for emu eggs!

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Best Digital Egg Incubator For Emu Eggs

  • Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502

This machine is simply too good at what it does.


GQF Sportsman Model #1502 is working out great for me. I’ve been using it for about 100 days now and have never had a single issue with it.

The digital read is extremely accurate. The humidity usually stays at 50% with the water tray full and one of the outside plugs open.

Depending on your humidity levels, you may need to put in more or less plugs. When hatching time comes near, I put the sponge that come with the humidity tray inside the tray in the channel that is built for it, and it amps up the humidity perfectly for a great hatch. I refill the humidity tray about every 4 days.

Putting it together was not difficult. The instructions it came with were easy and it took me 10 minutes to put this bad boy together and get it started.

The hatching box, located at the bottom of the #1502 is made of corregated plastic so it can be cleaned and then air dry between hatches.

The best part? You can pick between manual and automatic egg turning. Since this is a digital thermostat, you can set the temperature and it will stay there.

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Now that we have reviewed some of the best incubator for exotic birds, let’s see a step-by-step guide on how to hatch your eggies.

How to hatch an Emu Egg

First off, NEVER use an auto turner, manually turn them instead.

Ensure your eggs are incubated on the sides.

Weigh the eggs using a gram scale or something similar

Now that you’re monitoring the weight, you can adjust the humidity levels from there. As earlier stated, over the counter hygrometers are pretty much useless when it comes to emus.

Here’s what to do:

  • Weight your eggs upon arrival
  • Incubate DRY
  • Then weight the eggs again to measure their progress.
  • If all the eggs are losing weight too quick then you should raise the humidity.
  • If ONLY the ones closest to the incubator fan are losing weight too quick then you may need to switch them around every day with other eggs alternating the eggs and their proximity to the fan
  • If only one egg continues to lose weight too rapidly regardless of where it’s placed then it may have an extremely porous shell.. in which case it will need to be partially painted to slow moisture loss (painted with non toxic paint in stripes around the egg).
  • Continue with weighing the eggs at least once a week as the incubation process continues. By doing tis, you’re able to make the necessary adjustments that you can.
  • So pay attention to the eggs… by weighing them they will tell you what you should do to have consistent weight loss. Plus, it tells which will be healthy chicks and not dehydrated or bloated at hatch.
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Emu Egg Incubation Temperature Celsius

You should incubate your emu egg at 180-degree Celsius.

When do Emu Females begin Laying Eggs?

Emu females can begin laying at 18 months of age but it’s more common for them to wait until three years.

When do Emu breed?

Emu will breed in fall.

I found out they typically lay anywhere from late fall into winter.

I know this because mine didn’t start laying until January this breeding season.

How many Eggs do Emu lay per season?

Females usually lay 20 to 40 eggs, which the male incubates.

If you have two females, they can become aggressive to each other, especially during the breeding season, so it is important to have a way to split them up if needed.

Is it true they become aggressive after 14 months of age?

No, individuals might become aggressive but not all will go out planning to attack you

Will a hand raised emu become aggressive and potentially kill or injure my other animals or people?

They can get a bit territorial, especially to smaller chickens.

A lot of people refer to this as being aggressive. Well, I agree.

Can Emus Live with the Rabbits in the Backyard?

No. I wouldn’t risk it.

Will an Emu Destroy our Garden?

Most definitely. They only need a couple of minutes to get to work.

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