A Vet’s Choice on the TOP 5 Best Hay Feeder For Alpacas

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The best hay feeder for alpacas becomes a necessity if you feed hay as the primary source of food for your pet animal.

Getting a no-waste hay feeder for alpaca is the best thing I can recommend at the moment and this is why we have take it upon ourselves to do a beginners review of the top choice hay feeders for Alapacas.

Are you excited? Let’s begin!

Best Hay Feeder For Alpacas

  • Country Manufacturing Combination hay and Grain Horse Feeder
  • Rugged Ranch Products GV4PF Pasture Feeder, 4-Feet
  • Classic 2 in 1 Hay Rack Feeder
  • Country Manufacturing Combination hay and Grain Horse Feeder

This is exactly what you need for your alpacas. As they eat on this feeder and pull hay out, the catch on the bottom prevents it from going to waste.

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I’m really excited about this product, and the welding is good work too. I would recommend drilling holes in the corners of the bottom to allow water/rain out.

It is heavy duty and well-made. In fact, screwing the hooks on was relatively easy. Optionally, you can slide it securely onto the side of the pen without having to mount it.

I would buy it again if I needed another feeder!!

  • Classic 2 in 1 Hay Rack Feeder

This premium choice hay feeder for alpacas is well built and made to be really sturdy. It feeds your animals well without wastage.

It is constructed from stainless steel material that guarantees that it will last a very long time.

It also features a very large capacity of hay filling. This means you can fill it once and expect it to last throughout the day.

This saves time and stress of needing to go out after every couple of hours to refill the hay rack.

Designed with square holes, this is amongst the top slow feeding feeder for alpacas that prevents digestive or stomach issues.

The unique hook right at the back lets you to hook and use this feeder anywhere in your farm while securing it in place.

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Built from durable materials

It features a large capacity and can hold enough hay for 24 hours

It is portable and can be secured easily


Some customers say it prone to rust easily

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  • Rugged Ranch Products GV4PF Pasture Feeder, 4-Feet

Your alapacas will partake in their food without contending since it allows for easy feeding with less roughage squander.


It worked really well that we helped our neighbor request two for his babydoll sheep. It worked excellent as well!

This is economical, doesn’t flip and is not difficult to assemble. We put it together in under 5 minutes.

We love it and recommend you buy it!

best hay feeder for alpacas

How Much Hay Does An Alpaca Eat Per Day?

Alpacas should be fed approximately 2 pounds per 125 pounds of their body weight per day.

The general rule is to feed them 1.5% of their body weight as hay to make sure they get all the right nutrients and body functions that they require.

This means that a single 60-pound hay will be enough to feed 20 alpacas for 24 hours.

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By providing the right amount of hay, you’re able to prevent wastage while still ensuring your animal gets the right amount of nutrients in their body.

Do Alpacas Need Hay?

Yes, they do. Hay to alpacas has a number of benefits such as:

  • It helps satisfy their appetite.
  • It provides roughage for your animals without excess calories or proteins.
  • It also helps provide very important nutrients for your animals.
  • It provides fiber, nutrients and vitamins in a low-calorie dose that can be fed to your animals all year round.

You can see that you definitely need to include hay in your feeding calendar for alpacas as it is very important for them.

Can Alpacas Eat Moldy Hay?

No, they should never be fed moldy hay. Moldy hay is infected with bacteria and is already bad. DO NOT feed it to ANY ANIMAL.

If you do, they will fall sick or have stomach issues, worse, even death.

So the next time you have hay that is moldy and going bad, the best thing you want to do is to throw it away.

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