What are Some Best Handheld Stump Grinders? 11 Picks!

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Thinking about the best handheld stump grinder to get rid of the stump in your garden? This article has got you covered.

Having tree stumps not only affect the beauty of your garden, but they can also be a hazard to children and a breeding ground for plant pests and insects.

Traditional stump grinders are large, heavy machines that grind tree stumps into tiny fragments; however, there are now portable s

tump grinders on the market.

A competent stump grinder will break down the timber gradually, leaving the dust and debris behind for simple cleanup.

Using the stump removal approach will make it easy to get rid of stumps without the additional safety concerns of other removal processes.

While there are various methods for removing tree stumps, most homeowners and landscapers choose to use a stump grinder because the process is much safer and easier than other methods.

Once your tree has been chopped down, You can get rid of a stump in several ways, including:

  • It can be burned,
  • chemically treated,
  • ground with a stump grinder.

Investing in a stump grinder is a good idea. If you do a lot of yard work, that includes chopping down trees and clearing stumps.

Fortunately, a low-cost procedure can provide you with the desired outcome. You can use a stump grinder to remove large stumps without destroying your lawn or spending too much money.

Best Handheld Stump Grinders

Some best handheld stump grinder includes:

  • Samson Machinery 15HP Grinder:

the Samson Machinery 15HP grinder is best for heavy-duty grinding work; it can be used for large and small scale jobs.


The grinder is equipped with a thick 12 inches cutting wheel big enough to cut big and sturdy tree stumps, with about nine sharp teeth capable of chipping away smoothly any stump in your garden or yard. The only drawback of using this grinder is quite heavy to handle.

  • DK2 Stump Grinder:

The DK2 Stump Grinder machine boasts durability and is still very effective; this machine can be used even by newbies.


It is also very easy to assemble by simply following instructions. It also comes with an engine that can support grinding at high speed.

The handle is fully adjustable; when in use, it doesn’t produce too much noise, so it is environmentally friendly.

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The only drawback to the use of this machine is that the cutting speed of the machine spins when the machine is running because the teeth have no clutch.

  • Bluebird Stump Grinder:

This bluebird stump grinder is not only efficient but also eco-friendly; it has a recoil that makes it easy to start, has a powerful engine. The only downside to this is that it is quite heavy.

  • Toro Stump Grinder:

This machine is not too bulky; hence storing it won’t pose an issue; its performance is top-notched since it is durable it can be used even for heavy-duty work.

It has easy to lift handles that make it easy to move from one place to another without hassle. It is a bit heavy for its size

  • Western Pacific Stump Grinder:

This grinder has a feature to control the stump grinder to prevent any work hazards.

It is light and easy to use and use in rough terrain effectively.

Top 5 Portable Stump Reviews

For getting rid of tree stumps efficiently, consider making use of stump riders. Either for commercial use or personal use, there are different types of stump grinders that you might likely find very effective.

And again, stump grinders can be bought or rented.

Some portable stump grinders you can go for due to popular demands include:

  • BearCat SG 340 Stump Grinder:

Bearcat SG 340 Stump Grinder is the best for looking for a small stump grinder.

The front of the unit has a screen-covered opening for your convenience. This reduces the number of wood chips that fly into your face while still allowing you to see what you’re doing while grinding.

The SG340’s seven-inch cutting head is powered by a Honda Engine. While the head is smaller than some competition, its horizontal placement on a 23-inch wide unit makes it easy to maneuver through almost any environment.

Meanwhile, the single-wheel brake system allows you to turn and pivot once you’re in position easily.

Is an outstanding choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Some pros of using bearcat SG340 Stump Grinder Include:

  • It pivots well
  • It is very easy to maneuver even in rough terrain.
  • It is very affordable.

some cons of using bearcat SG340 Stump Grinder Include:

  • The tires are very vulnerable to puncture; that is, it is easily punctured
  • The cutting head takes longer to grind through big stumps because of its smaller head.
  • Generac ST47019GENG Pro Stump Grinder:

The tool is designed to quickly and effectively remove stumps to eliminate any mowing hazards while also allowing you to expand your yard.

This stump grinder from Generac is user-friendly, has intuitive controls, and carbide-tipped cutting teeth that are designed to handle any size stump easily.

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The grinder is 12-gauge steel and has a sturdy yet lightweight design.

Some pros of purchasing this stump grinder include:

  • The grinder has a lightweight
  • Has intuitive control
  • It is beginner-friendly, that is, it has instructions on how to use it even for beginners.

This grinder is perfect for use both at home and in the workplace. The only drawback is that it is on the high side.

  • K2 14 HP Gas Powered Stump Grinder:

This powerful 14HP stump grinder can safely and effectively remove problematic tree remnants.

Because of its 12-inch diameter and 3.5-inch thick blade, it can crush stumps both above and below ground.

With a motor designed for long service life, it can work on a variety of tree stumps from softwood to hardwood without bogging down.

Tree trunks that are 12 inches above the ground and nine inches below the ground surface can be removed with the high-powered stump grinder.

With the best stump grinder, such as the Detail K2 Gas-Powered Stump Grinder, you can cut unwanted trees on the lawn for a smoother and lusher landscape.

An ear protector, work gloves, oil bottle, safety glasses, and safety keys are included with the stump grinder.

Another feature about this machine is the dual safety feature for auto-shutdown when the stump grinder becomes too powerful or deviates from the intended path.

Another benefit of this stump grinder is the safety package it comes with, all for a reasonable price for such a powerful machine.

This stump grinder’s large and quick-adjusting bow handle design provides steady control and maximum comfort in terms of handling.

The drawback to this grinder is that The design is a bit bulky, even though it is easy to transport at 396 pounds. The machine will require a lot of storage space.

Unlike other stump grinders, this one requires more frequent gas and oil checks and refills, as well as cleaning.


The generic pro stump remover has eight carbide-tipped teeth that can grind through any tree stump without causing damage to your garden.

It has an hour motor that helps in determining when the motor needs to be serviced.

Powered by a Generac G-force engine with plenty of power to get rid of stumps in your lawn.

it does not necessitate expertise or training to be properly operated.

How to Select The Best Portable Stump Grinder

Selecting the best portable grinder should be solely based on some criteria like:

  • Types of Stumps:

The type of stumps will determine the type of stump grinder that will be best for it.

Some stop machines are light and designed solely for removing small stumps around the house, and those that are heavier are better used for commercial purposes. Do not use a commercially made stump grinder for home use. It is preferable to use grinders that you can use for the place it is designed for.

  • Select Between a Gas Vs Diesel Engine Stump Removal:

Depending on the size of the stump that needs chopping and also the size of the operations.

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The gas-powered stump is only suitable to be used only for small scale operation because compared to diesel machines it usually has less power.

The type of stump machines for home use or backyard is mostly the walk behind the model, this model allows a person to push them to move while the motor rotates the blade used for grinding the stump.

For cutting trees in the forest and landscapes, self-propelled are used for heavy-duty jobs as it is more powerful. Self-propelled have a motor that helped them move.

  • The Number of Teeth:

The number of teeth of the cutter wheel will determine the time and speed required for grinding the stump. It is best to make use of light and a portable grinder but with more teeth.

  • Safety:

Another thing to look out for when selecting the best portable stump grinder is to check out the safety features the machine has, some safety features you can find include, remote start, swing control, LED lighting, Automatic stop etc.

Where To Buy Portable Stump Grinder?

Portable Stump Grinder can be bought from any store selling heavy-duty outdoor equipment.

You can also purchase a portable stump grinder from any online store such as Amazon, with purchasing Amazon you can also read reviews from their sites that can aid you in your purchasing decision.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Stump Grinder?

Wondering what you can use instead of using a stump grinder to get rid of stumps from your garden, work or environment? Search no further, as we get you covered below.

  1. Manually removing the tree stump by making use of Ax, Shovel, digging bar, Bow Saws, work gloves e.t.c.
  2. By using the chemical method
  3. Burning method.

You can remove a tree stump at any time after a tree is felled. The most easier method is manually removing it, this is achievable if the stump tree is aged and dried out


If you are looking for ways to remove a tree stump from your garden, then consider making use of a stump grinder to get the job done.

It is easier and more efficient than undergoing the stress required to manually dig out the tree stump or the chemical method.

Burning the tree stump is another method as well, but this method is not that friendly to the environment.

Additionally, there are different stump grinders to suit your stump removal needs, either for home use or for commercial use.

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