[Ballet Bun] Best Hair Gel for Dance, Competition

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Hair gel is great. I use them at times but other times, I simply spray my hair with water first to make it damp all over, then you can style your hair how you want after spraying all over with hairspray.

Now, let’s get right to the best dance hair gel

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Best Hair Gel for Dance

  • VO5 Weather Resistant Gel Spray Mega Hold Control (200ml)


VO5 gel spray works exceptionally well. You can first dampen your hair first then style with a nit comb.

  • Schwarzkopf OSIS + FREEZE FINISH 2 Strong Hold Hairspray, MEDIUM CONTROL (with Sleek Steel Pin Tail Comb) (9.1 oz/258 g)

This is one of the best hair gels but it does dissolve in heat.

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It has a real stronghold! Fast dry! It will feel like your hair is all glued together at first but after you comb them apart, it stays apart nicely.

It also holds the volumized and clean look that I had after showering for additional days. It has a strong stimulus smell but thanks t the fast-drying effect, it goes away after it dries out.

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  • Layrite Layrite Superhold Pomade

Pomade is another great option. It feels like wax, but much better. You just need to rub a tiny amount between your fingers, before smoothing it onto the areas that need it.


It really tames frizz and fixes hair well, so you wouldn’t need as much hairspray. No crispiness to contend with afterwards!

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