16 Best Greenhouse for Aquaponics at Home or Garden

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The best greenhouse for aquaponics in the US is a hoop house.

U.S based hobbyists tend to use 6mm plastic sheet. These lasts for more than 10 years. But commercial greenhouses use glass since that allows for better light penetration. However, it is vulnerable to hail storms.

We recommend insuring your glass greenhouse.

Best Greenhouse for Aquaponics at Home or Garden



Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse CHECK ON AMAZON
Palram Four Season Chalet Hobby Greenhouse CHECK ON AMAZON
Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse SHOP ON AMAZON
Palram Four Season Americana Hobby Greenhouse CHECK ON AMAZON
Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse CHECK ON AMAZON


Here are some of the best aquaponics to try at home:

  • Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse, 8′ x 12′

Tis greenhouse is easy to assemble and the kit comes with all that you need to for a stress-free assembly. The instruction manual is incredibly detailed and simple to follow.


The 8′ x 12′ twin-wall polycarbonate roof greenhouse features dual doors that allows for easy access to your plants and fish.

The barn shape design creates additional room for raised beds, that will make fish and plant care a fun activity without needing to crouch or bend.

The price is affordable considering how much interior space it has. This is a perfect greenhouse for anyone on a budget.

The polycarbonate roof panel are 100% UV-protected and spot a 4mm thick twin-wall, a durable wind-resistant resin frame and 6mm twin-wall side panels, this greenhouse is bound to stand the test of time, even amidst some fierce weather conditions.

  • Palram Four Season Chalet Hobby Greenhouse – 12 x 8 x 9 Charcoal Gray

The Palram Four Season Chalet Hobby Grrenhouse is yet another ideal solution for a medium-sized aquaponic garden.

Its materials are durable and features lots of space for a large fish holding tank and plants too.

The Palram Four Season Hobby Greenhouse comes with a complete set of professional greenhouse features in an affordable body.

The Twin wall roof panels block up to 99% of UV rays and they offer amazing insulation. And the clear polycarbonate side panels guarantee superior light transmission compared to glass, so your plants enjoy loads of light even in the winter.

Closing the double doors to this unit will help maintain temperature inside the greenhouse. The locking system helps maintain constant temperatures for your plants and fish all winter long.

Then when summer comes in, you can just open back up those double doors and allow some fresh air flow into your green-green and out the built-in roof vents.

Made from high-quality materials with rust-resistant aluminum frame attributes that will serve you for years to come, this unit is very spacious.

Its size is 95 square feet of growing space plus it has loads of headroom with a 9-foot ceiling.

This greenhouse kit also includes an anchoring system, galvanized steel base, roof vents, and a threshold ramp which provides easy access for wheelbarrows and any other heavy equipment.

  • Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 96 Square Foot Greenhouse

The Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse is a professional-grade greenhouse to house your aquaponic system.

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Built to last a lifetime, this greenhouse has tempered safety glass and a durable aluminum frame that is larger, thicker, and stronger than most similar-sized greenhouses.

Unlike thinner glass on competing brands, this one is 4 mm thick and has a larger, thicker, and stronger windows that are held in place by substantial rubber seals rather than small plastic chips like others out there.

The rubber seals offer better insulation than plastic clips since they hold the window securely against the frame without letting air to leak in between the window and frame.

All this makes the Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 Greenhouse is an ideal investment since it’s more durable and able to withstand heavy winds plus cold temperatures better than a plastic greenhouse.

  • Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse, 8′ x 12′, Silver with Twin Wall Glazing

The Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse is one of the best greenhouses for aquaponics for the money we have seen.

This kit basically comes with all that you need to start growing fish, veggies, fruit, and vegetables inside your greenhouse.

For starters, the 6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels are strong and offer good insulation during winter. So, no need to be scared even if you live in extreme places like Canada.

This top greenhouse kit comes with the following:

  • Lockable door handles
  • Galvanized base for extra structural support and many more.

If you’re looking for a high-quality affordable structure for your aquaponic system then we highly recommend you check out the Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse.

  • Palram Four Season Americana Hobby Greenhouse – 12 x 12 x 9 Silver

This is yet another one for people looking to grow their own food. This greenhouse features 4mm twin-wall roof panels, and clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate side panels, and a reinforced, double wall & rust-proof aluminum frame.

The Palram Americana Hobby Greenhouse features a large 144 square foot growing space, and it has an 8.6′ ceiling height so you can easily work inside without crouching or bending over.

Other things that come included in this greenhouse kit include:

  • Anchoring system,
  • Adjustable roof vents,
  • Lockable double doors, and a threshold ramp.
  •  Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse

The Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse is an ideal fit for your aquaponics needs, and it boasts of very attractive design that boosts the aesthetics of your backyard space.

This kit comes with all that you need to build a shed-style greenhouse, including the hardware and materials along with clear-easy to follow instructions.

The Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse is available in over 5 unique sizes that range from 8′ x 8′ up to 10′ x 16′.

The corrugated polycarbonate roof provides amazing insulation while still letting light pass through, making this a great option for cold regions or climates where additional insulation is preferred.

Asides that, the polycarbonate roof panels are sturdy enough to withstand anything mother nature throws at them.

The Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Green kits comes with all that is needed to build a long-lasting structure to house your aquaponics system. But, this kit weighs over 2,000 pounds, so if you decide to order it you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared to handle a large freight delivery.

  • Palram HG5506 Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse, 6′ x 6′ x 7′, Silver

Perfect for home use, this aluminum frame unit is able to withstand winds up to 56 mph with the included anchor kit, so you need not worry about it blowing away in a storm or being damaged by high winds.

It’s also great for growing plants in colder regions where heavy snow loads are normal occurrence during winter months.

Easy to assemble, this entire unit can be put together in less than 30 minutes without any complicated tools or parts.

  • Outsunny Walk-in Garden Aluminum Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Outsunny Walk-in Garden Aluminum Polycarbonate Greenhouse is the perfect solution for small indoor aquaponics system.

It is both durable, simple to assemble and lightweight too. You can use it against the exterior wall of a house or an outbuilding.

This greenhouse features durable polycarbonate window panels and a powder-coated aluminum alloy frame. So, it has a sliding door that offers easy access to the interior of the greenhouse while also being great for tight spaces.

The Outsunny Walk-in Garden Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse that boasts of a hinged rooftop panel that helps regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse so that you aren’t able to worry about overheating or freezing plants as the seasons change.

  • Outsunny 6′ x 8′ x 7′ Walk-in Plant Greenhouse

The Outsunny’s Walk-in Plant Greenhouse is perfect for small aquaponics system. The UV blocking panels and polycarbonate roof is really cool.

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This greenhouse will keep your fish and plants safe from elemental factors. Plus, the heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame with galvanized base ensures that it won’t blow away in high winds or break when snow falls on it.

The Outsunny’s Walk-in Plant Greenhouse also offers 40 square feet of interior growing space. Plus, it comes with built-in rain gutters too, so you can collect rainwater and use it to top off your aquaponics system.

This greenhouse kit requires minimal efforts to assemble, so you can put it together yourself without needing help from someone else.

  • Large Walk-in Greenhouse Portable Garden Hot House Outdoor Plant House w/Combined Cover-White (20′ X10’X7′)

The Strong Camel Walk-in Greenhouse is a portable affordable greenhouse that lets you cover a large aquaponics system without needing to spend lots of cash.’

This greenhouse boasts of roll-up doors and windows along with zippered vents that allows for easy control of temperature levels as well as humidity levels within the structure.

Also, the Strong Camel Walk-in Greenhouse has a UV-protected polyethylene cover wrapped around a tubular steel frame, which means will stand its ground in the face of strong winds or rainstorms.

  • Best Choice Products 15x7x7ft Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel

This will protect your planst and animals from elemental forces. Its roll-up windows with zippered doors, protects your plants and fish from wildlife.

This walk-in tunnel offers lots of protection from the wind, rain, snow, and sun. It also has an arched shape which encloses a large space so you’ll have lots of room for a large aquaponics system.

The Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel is the perfect solution for all of your gardening needs. With 8 roll-up windows, this greenhouse provides lots of natural light and ventilation.

The Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse comes including:

  • Ground stakes and guy ropes
  • Durable mesh cover to keep plastic parts safe from abrasions and punctures
  • Steel frame for enhanced durability, etc
  • King Canopy GH1010 10-Feet by 10-Feet Fully Enclosed Greenhouse, Clear

The King Canopy remains the best portable greenhouse for small to medium size backyard aquaponics systems.

It stands at an impressive 10-foot fully enclosed greenhouse with a clear plastic cover.

The frame is 1-3/8-inch white powder-coated steel that never corrode or rust. The ripstop greenhouse cover has been treated with UV inhibitors to prevent sun damage and it also includes an anchoring system that keeps the greenhouse securely in place in windy conditons.

  • Palram 8 ft. x 7 ft. Oasis Hexagonal Greenhouse

This gazebo-style greenhouse comes with all that an aquaponics system needs, including impact-resistant polycarbonate panels, crystal clear wall panels, and twin-wall roof panels.

The frame is heavy-duty aluminum and it has built-in gutters and lockable doors.

The Palram Oasis Hexagonal Greenhouse is ideal for anyone in need of a home aquaponics system! This greenhouse comes with all of the characteristics needed to get started on your project today.

Additionally, it is made from durable materials that will last through years of use without breaking or rusting down like other greenhouses on the market.

This greenhouse is created mainly with ease of use in mind so it can be installed by just one person without any special skills needed, which makes it a great choice even if you’re not particularly handy.

  • Wxaco Royal Victorian 12.5 ft. x 20 ft. Greenhouse

The Wxaco Royal Victorian beautiful yet large greenhouse will house all kinds of aquaponics system with ease.

Built from high-grade materials, this greenhouse comes with the following:

  • 4mm tempered glass,
  • 2 interior shade net sections,
  • 3 roof vents, an automatic vent opening system, and a built-in misting system.

It also comes with a large seedling bench and a complete full-length top shelf. Besides, the frame can be anchored to bare level ground, on a wood platform or concrete slab with anchor stakes provided.

If you want the best greenhouse for a large aquaponics system then this is it! With its high-quality materials and great features, this is the perfect choice for any gardener who wants an endless supply of fresh fish and vegetables all year long in any type of weather.

Now, lets check out some of the best home kits for greenhouse aquaponics:

Best Aquaponics Greenhouse Kits for Homes



Genesis G-24 by Endless Food System CHECK ON AMAZON
Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics CHECK ON AMAZON
Betta Fish Tank Desktop Mini Aquaponic CHECK ON AMAZON
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Either personal or Commercial Aquaponic Kits, we’ve got you covered:

  • Aquaponics System Complete Kit, Genesis G-24 by Endless Food Systems

The large capacity of this aquaponic kits, is guaranteed for fresh produce all year round. It lets you enjoy lots fresh produce al year long.

It creates an environment that fosters the growth of both plant and fishes, no matter the eases.

With space large enough to house a 140-gallon fish tank. This will provide sufficient nutrients for 2 average-sized growing beds.

Lastly, this aquaponic kit is able to produce an average of 240 pounds of greens each year and between 25-30lbs of fish per year.

Now, this is god for harvest, especially since you are doing it indoors. Installation is simple, and this is one of why this unit is remains one of the best aquaponics greenhouse kits of all times.

Genesis G-24 components:

  • Fish tank
  • Growing beds
  • Pre-cut pipe connections
  • Microbial inoculant
  • Clay pebbles
  • Water quality tester
  • Plant supplements, etc.
  • Air pumps
  • A radial filter

Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden Aquaponics Fish Tank Plants Growing System

This medium sized aquaponic kit is able to hold 3 gallons of water and measures only 12.2″ by 7.7″ by 11.0″.

It is made using sturdy clear plastic material, meaning it won’t need breaking. Plus, the kit features an attractive design, which beautifies the inside of your home.

This is one of the few recommended greenhouse kit with self-cleaning system out there. This helps reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning by up to 60%.

Other notable features include:

Allows for growing variety of plants

Uses an automatic siphon design that encourages plant roots to breathe regularly and don’t need watering or fertilizer.

Easy installation

Enables fresh produce supply all year round in limited spaces.

Some crucial things to note:

The kit is ideal for 2-3” long fish, as shorter ones might be sucked through the pump.

Don’t grow spicy or toxic plants that might affect your fish.

When installing, allow the kit to run for several days before putting in the fish – avoid using fresh tap water.

  • Betta Fish Tank Desktop Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem Planter by WAWLIVING

This 4″ by 4″ by 6″ system is the last on our list of the best greenhouse kit for aquaponic. Unlike the other two kits reviewed above, this one is primarily for flowers.

  • It is a perfect fit for your kids’s science project – it is perfect!
  • The primary feature of this mini aquaponic system include:
  • Easy installation
  • Symbiosis system that converts fish excretes to nutrients, that allow your plant to absorb nourishment.
  • Plants produce oxygen, which the fish use for survival.
  • An automatic siphon design – this creates a tidal effect on the water in the tank, allowing the plant’s roots to breathe regularly.

When you buy this kit, it comes with the following components:

  • The Fish Tank
  • A Pump
  • User Manual
  • A Planting Cup

You should also note that fresh tap water is not ideal for the fish, and you should let the kit run for a few days before you introduce the fish to the water.

Can You Do Aquaponics in A Greenhouse?

Yes, you can.

What is the best Plant for Aquaponics?

The best plants for aquaponics system include:

  • Leafy lettuce.
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Watercress
  • Basil
  • Cucumbers
  • Cauliflower

Do I need a Greenhouse For Aquaponics?

No, you don’t need a greenhouse for aquaponics. But greenhouses are typically set up for commercial growers with a large aquaponics system since an outdoor setup that is exposed to natural elements can be harder to supervise and manage.

How much does an Aquaponics Greenhouse Cost?

Depending on size and area, you will spend anywhere from $3,500 to $8,500.

What’s the difference between aquaponics and hydroponics?

Aquaponic involve a sustainable process of growing plants and fishes within the same environment while hydroponics is a gardening method that lets plants to be grown without the use of soil.

Do You Need A Greenhouse for Aquaponics?

No, you don’t need a greenhouse for aquaponics. But greenhouses are typically set up for commercial growers with a large aquaponics system since an outdoor setup that is exposed to natural elements can be harder to supervise and manage.

How successful can an aquaponics business be?

It depends on your crop and the size. I recommend growing a high revenue produce like kale where there are lots of markets to sell to.

A medium set up could easily produce $50K+ a month with the right crops.

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