What is the Best Generator To Run Small Air Conditioner For Rv, Camping, And Tents to BUY? SEE HERE!

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Getting the best generator to run small air conditioner for RV, Camping, and tents is one small investment you can make now that pays in the long run.

Without access to a power grid, the 2nd best option to run an air conditioner is by using a generator – don’t you agree?

However, because you need a portable and standby generator does not mean you should go running around using any generator model that you may come across or you may already have.

To be honest, a 5,000-6,000 BTU AC can run on a power supply of around 500-600 watts generator.

The best small air conditioner we have discovered is the – Jackery 500W (CHECK ON AMAZON)

This is a great unit that performs like I expected it to. It is a great value for the price, and it beats out the competition in the same power class with its regulated 12v DC output. This now gets 5 stars form me. I will continue to test the unit for capacity and efficiency, and I don’t expect to be disappointed.

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Jackery 500W Review – MY EXPERIENCE USING IT

Best Generator To Run Small Air Conditioner For Rv, Camping, And Tents

The Jackery Explorer 500 is a solid, well designed product with a compact body.

This portable generator is rugged with nothing on the oustdie that can catch on or break off nearby objects.

The display reveals charge level, use wattage, and charging wattage – all the important stuffs.

The pure sine wave inverter offers a clean AC supply at 110V, 60 hz. The unit charges in 8 hours with the AC wall charger, and 12 hours with a 100W solar panel.


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I find the solar charging stupidly simple, needing no charge controller on the panel and using just an MC4 to 8mm connector from the panel.

The pass-through charging is sweet! I particularly enjoy the ability to charge and use the unit at the same time.

The DC socket offers a solid 12V (typically 13.4V) to ensure your 12V devices enjoy full voltage as the battery discharges.

The unit can run as many devices as you have plug in simultaneously in the 12V, 120AC and USB sockets, as long as they don’t exceed the 500W max.

The 6 hour socket timeout for loads less than 10W is an undesirable feature but a good way to go around this is by adding extra load (cell phone charging or light) to get load over 10W and avoid the unit shutting down.

The price is on the same scale as other portable power units at around $1 per watt hour. The battery is lithium ion, which has only 500 use cycles vs. LiFePo batteries at 2000. However, I dont think any LiFePo units are available at $1 per Wh, so the price is fair for the product. Thats only $1 per charge cycle!

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Note that inverter losses are real. I ran a desktop monitor from the AC plug with the typical AC/DC adaptor, and the unit drew 58W. I then plugged the monitor into the DC plug with 12V to 16V step up convertor and the draw was 30W. So use DC whenever possible…

This is all around a great product with a combination of features superior to other portable power units you might find on Amazon. Jackery has prompt customer service to back it up.

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What Size Generator Will Run A 5000 BTU Air Conditioner?

You will need a portable 500W generator like the Jackery 500W generator to power your small air conditioner.

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