5 Best Generator for Rv with 2 AC [MY STORY]

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So, you need a generator to run 2 RV air conditioners with ease? Well, we’ve got a couple of recommendations you might like.

But first, what size of generator do you need? You would need a 5,500 watts generator. I know this because mine run both AC’s and the microwave at the same time.

From experience, most and 5Kw or larger are able to run both 15k AC’s – by starting one and letting it tun for 5-10 seconds so the generator can stabilize, then start the other.

Remember, the Non inverter type generators are usually louder (and cheaper) than the inverter type. If anyone is anywhere near you with the loud generator running, you are bound to get complaints.

Best Generator for Rv with 2 AC

Here are some of the best generators to run two RV AC:

  • Yamaha EF4500IES

I have two Yamaha EF4500IES and it ran 2 AC’s without changing nosise level wen they cycled and the 5 gallon tank do lasts me more than 9 hours.

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I haven’t been in a situation when I needed 2 AC’s and didn’t have electric power.

  • Honda 6500

The Honda 6500 is pricey but getting two of these is where the magic comes in. Remember, one AC draws 2800 watts, so do the maths.


There are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there but not as dependable or quiet. Howevers if it rides in the pick up, venting of exhaust fumes can be an issue, especially if you own an enclosed camper on TV. You might want to add an extended placement for the generator to get rid of this problem.

  • Honda EB10000


The trailer 50-AMP power cord with a Twist-Lok adapter can plug into this unit directly. This is the only one I have seen that have this feature.

  • Champion Power Equipment, 7,500/9,500-Watt Electric Start Gasoline Powered Portable Generator with 50-Amp and RV Outlet CARB, 41534 at The Home Depot – Tablet


This isn’t a quite generator but it has wheels for mobility and can be cobble together a ramp to get it out of your truck, and a built-in 50 AMP plug.

  • Honda 3000is

You can use two 3000 watt Honda 3000is watts generators that are synched. The power phase will create some interesting power fluctuations inside the trailer if the generators aren’t synched.

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I always advise people to keep a spare electrical rated fire extinguisher available just in case things don’t go according to plan.

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Best Generator to Run 2 Rv Air Conditioners

As earlier stated, any generator with at least 5500 watts continuous can power two A/Cs. However, you will need an adapter if the gen lacks the correct plug.

You can buy adapters on Amazon or supply stores.

For starters, get a single gen of 5.5, you might want to upgrade with a second A/C later or whatever. When it comes to generators, bigger is usually better.

Most recommended Generators for RV with 2 AC:

Both the Honda 3,000 watt units can handle up to 13,500 BTU air conditioners but not another power sucker like a refrigerator or water heater.

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So, paralleling the Honda EU3000iS allows two legs with a rated capacity of 23.3 amps with a maximum capacity of 25 amps for inrush. Rated computer safe power. Weighs 134 pounds. Costs 2k+ for one unit.

Paralleling the Honda EU3000i allows two legs with a rated capacity of 21.7 amps with a maximum capacity of 25 amps for inrush. Not rated computer safe power. Weighs 78 pounds. Costs 2k+ for one unit.

You should exercise care when inspecting their 50 AMP circuit breaker box to see which loads the factory puts on each leg.

If all is well and the AC were on each leg, then very careful power management would let the lighting and low power devices charge and operate with both AC’s.

The Honda EU6500iS has a single 120/240 outlet (both legs) with a rated capacity of 22.9 amps and a maximum capacity of 27.1 amps for inrush. Rated computer safe power. Weighs 260 pounds. It costs 4k+ for one unit.

This larger EU6500iS unit weighs about the same as two 3000iS units and is less expensive to acquire than the two smaller units.

Even with the larger unit, the user has to do power management.

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