2 of the Best Filter for Saltwater Pools [FROM EXPERIENCE]

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Any of the best filter for saltwater pool will be the same with best filters for pools. That is because there are no specific salt water pool filters.

What is the Best Filter for Saltwater Pool?

Having said that, I and my many customers can swear by the Pleatco brand replacmenet filters/cartridges. Here’ is a link to one option on Amazon:

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for less than 200 bucks and it is high-quality.

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But wait!!!!

That’s not all. You should also do yourself a favor and never just go buy some testing stuff. Get one of the recommended testkits – either the K2006c or TF-100.

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Personally, I prefer the TF-100 from Testkits and they’re available on Amazon.

I prefer them because they have more of the reagents that residential pool owners use most. The reagents are generally fresh and they’ve got a wonderful customer service. If you can afford it, add the SpeedStir – that makes testing more simpler and fun.

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If you order the TF-100 and SpeedStir ($105 for both), you also receive free shipping.

Best Filter for Saltwater Pools

As for the chemicals, shop around and grab a few gallons of bleach (8.25% – NOT splashless or scented) or liquid chlorine (10% or 12.5%) and a gallon or two of muriatic acid (31.45%) should hold you over until your testkit is delivered to your home.

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