The Best Dump Trailer Locks for the Money

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Quality trailer hitch locks are the first thing you should get if you own a trailer. Unfortunately, trailers are a popular target for criminals since they are cheap to steal and easy to sell after they are taken. In addition, stolen trailers are seldom found.

They may be found, but there is a strong possibility that they will not contain any valuables. If you’re traveling long distances, a trailer lock might save you a lot of trouble.

AMPLOCK Trailer Coupler Lock (U-BRP2516)

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Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Solid Hardened Steel Trailer Lock CHECK ON AMAZON

A trailer lock is far less expensive than the expense of replacing the entire trailer.

There are a variety of trailer hitch locks on the market, but we’ll focus on the most popular, bestselling, and cost-effective options in this post.

As well as explaining why and how you need a trailer lock, we’ll also go over the features to look for when making your purchase.

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Top 10 Best Dump Trailer Lock

  1. AMPLOCK Trailer Coupler Lock (U-BRP2516)

AMPLOCK makes particular coupler locks for trailer balls measuring 2-15/16 inches. Made in Canada by a family-run business specializing in custom-fitting trailer locks to specific trailer couplers, it’s of the highest quality.


With a two-step locking mechanism, this suggestion is the first of its kind in the industry. The rotational design of the cylinder lock reduces vehicle traction while locked, making it harder for criminals to get access to it.

Torch cutting and liquid nitrogen do not affect this heavy-duty lock made of stainless steel and cast iron.

The manufacturer claims that this lock’s coating is corrosion resistant and rust in all climates, regardless of temperature.

You can swiftly lock up your hitch or trailer with a simple push-and-lock cylinder lock so that you can go on your way. Each customer is given a unique key, so you don’t have to worry about someone else getting hold of the same key and using it.

For those who have any doubts about whether or not this hitch trailer lock will work for them or whether or not they can take advantage of their five-year warranty, contact AMPLOCK.


The convenience of swivel design and heavy-duty construction; custom fit for individual trailer couplers; complete locking system; unique keys


Not It’s a universal design, the price

Because it is universal, the CURT Tri-Ball Trailer Coupler Lock is easy to use. Three glass-filled orange polymer balls with excellent strength fit are included in 1 7/8″, 2″, and 2 5/16″ couplers. Two balls protrude from the coupler and serve as a visible warning to would-be thieves that this is not an easy target.

Designed breakpoints ensure that the locking ball will break within your coupler if leverage is given to the protruding balls, leaving the trailer still secure and the burglar looking for other ideas.

The key-operated coupler lock may be used with coupler spans ranging from 1″ to 3″. When you’re packing up, you won’t have to worry about finding half of your lock.

Using the hitch lock when the trailer is mounted secures it against theft while parked and inadvertent release while being towed.

You’ll need many locks if you plan on securing multiple trailers at the same time with one lock.

  1. Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Solid Hardened Steel Trailer Lock

There’s also the Trimax UMAX100 universal coupler lock, which is rated at 100 pounds of pulling power. The UMAX100 trailer hitch lock has a 9/16-inch shackle and a revolutionary dual-function coupler lock, just like the UMAX50.


The UMAX100’s ballistic nylon shell can sustain hammer blows and protect it from the elements, making it ideal for couplers ranging in size from 1-7/8 to 2-5/16 inches.

A keyhole cover is included in the nylon casing to keep dirt and grime out. The key for this coupler lock is a seven-pin, spring-loaded high-security type A key—this aids in thwarting attempts to drill out.

With over 2,000 5-star ratings on Amazon’s marketplace, this manufacturer stands by the quality of its products and gives a lifetime warranty on all of them.

Heavy-duty coupler, hardened steel coupler lock, ballistic grade nylon housing with keyhole cover, type A keys.

Some complaints have been made about the quality of the product.

Best Dump trailer Lock

  1. Master Lock Receiver Lock (2866DATSC)

With a 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch receiver lock that can be used on automobiles, trailers, and RVs, Master Lock has you covered.

The Class I/II pin is rated for 3,500 pounds, whereas the Class III/IV pin is rated for 10,000 pounds. For the receiver pin, the 2.75-inch length is the maximum length used.

To unlock the receiver lock, you place the body onto the pin and pull out the key. It’s built to last, with a weather-resistant seal and a watertight top to keep moisture and dirt out. Because of the brass keyway and four-pin cylinder, this lock is impenetrable by picks and pryers.

A 360-degree swivel head made of stainless steel is also available. This is a padlock-style hitch lock in place of the standard pin and clip. The locking swivel head is included, as are 1/2- and 5/8-inch pins, two keys, and the lock.

Class I-IV hitch compatibility, weather seal, and waterproof cap are just some of the features that make this swivel head the best on the market.

Corrosion and easily bent or broken keys are among the complaints from users.

  1. Trimax Premium Key Receiver Lock (T-3BLACK)

Trimax’s top-of-the-line key receiver lock is made of forged, hardened steel. An O-ring seal and watertight cover help keep dirt and corrosion out of this product’s durable black epoxy powder coat.

Trimax says the lock cannot be made to “pop open” or “false lock.” Locking and unlocking the head takes only a quarter turn.

Class III, IV, and V receiver hitches may all use the 5/8-inch pin, which has a span of up to 2.75 inches. Type A keys include seven pins and are spring-loaded, making them the highest level of security available.

It won’t bend or break even if you try to drill it out. An 8.8-inch keyed combination is required to open the Trimax trailer hitch lock.

Class III-V receiver hitches and types A keys are compatible with the waterproof cap.

Drawbacks/The rubber cover is fragile and may come off, and some customers have reported rusting difficulties.

  1. Reese Towpower Universal Coupler Lock (72783)

The Reese Towpower universal coupler lock, which measures 9 x 9 x 3 inches, is a top-of-the-line lock.

Designed with a universal fit and 11 locking settings, it’s made with an aluminum body and a heavy-duty steel lock bar. 1-7/8, 2, and 2-5/16 inch couplers may all be utilized with it. The quality lock resists picking, prying, and drilling thanks to its bright yellow color, a theft deterrent.

There is a good chance you have never heard of the Reese brand, but if you have, you should know that the heavy-duty towing firm was created in 1952 and is now a household name. Trailer tow-away theft may be thwarted using a Reese’s Towpower hitch lock.

There are many advantages to the lock bar’s heavy-duty steel construction and bright yellow finish:

Constructed of aluminum customers have complained about easily cracked keys instead of fully hardened steel

  1. C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking Hitch Pin by Cocoweb

There are two sizes available for the C-Lock heavy-duty hitch pin lock from Cocoweb: 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. The black finish on the 5/8-inch pin is only available on the 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch pins.

Designed with a weatherproof cover, this locking hitch pin protects the keyhole by keeping water and filth out of the lock and keeping it rust-free. This locking hitch pin doesn’t require any drilling or installation; all you have to do is slip it in, lock it, and go.

A maximum outside width of 2.75 inches is required for this pin, which comes with two unique laser-cut keys. It may be used with Class I, II, III, and IV hitches.

If you’re unsure whether these locking pins will work on your particular car model, Cocoweb advises you to measure your hitch before ordering.

The six-inch-long lock is solid steel and features a barbell locking mechanism to provide a snug and secure fit. Cocoweb’s hitch pin lock comes with a one-year guarantee.

In addition to the weatherproof cap, which is included and accommodates Class I-IV hitches, the barbell locking mechanism is also included.

Rust problems have been reported, and it doesn’t fit in the factory. Hitches for Toyota

  1. Trimax UMAX50 Premium Die-Cast Dual Purpose Coupler Lock

Tried and tested for decades, Trimax’s superior die-cast coupler lock is designed to suit any vehicle.

The hammer tone epoxy coating provides rust-proof 360-degree hardened steel protection. To keep dirt and grime out of the UMAX50’s keyhole cover, it may be utilized with 1-7/8-, 2-5/15-, and 2-inch couplers.

The UMAX50 trailer lock from Trimax has a Type A seven-pin spring-loaded high-security key that resists attempts to drill out the lock.

Additionally, Trimax has devised a key that they claim will never bend or break. There are six massive ratchet teeth on the shackle, composed of 16mm hardened steel.

There is a little higher price for this product, but it comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Features such as a lifetime warranty, keyhole cover, universal coupler design, and hammer tone epoxy finish provide further peace of mind.

Reports of corrosion jammed keys and seized locks.

  1. Master Lock Trailer Lock

Designed to accommodate most trailer couplers, this lock from Master Lock is compatible with a range of 1 7/8 to 2 5/16 inches.

This lock offers security and peace of mind with a lifetime guarantee with a pick- and-pry-resistant zinc mechanism and two keys.

A “keyed alike” product indicates they all utilize the same key. In this case, the trailer lock may be unlocked if a burglar has access to the key.

There is an advantage to “keyed similar” goods in that one key can open all of your Master Lock locks, but it’s a peculiar price to pay for that convenience.

This heavy-duty trailer lock is well-made and long-lasting. It’s one of the most challenging locks to pick if a burglar doesn’t have access to a key.

a robust framework and a lifetime limited warranty

On some programs, the keys don’t fit snugly enough.

  1. Proven Industries Trailer Hitch Lock

Everyone isn’t a fan of Proven’s locks. The #2516 is a 10-pound slab of solid steel, measuring 8.15 inches by 7.76 inches by 7.6 inches, created in the United States by a family-run business.

Locks for Jayco trailers and Titan hitches are available in a variety of sizes, as well as specialized variants for certain trailers and hitches.

Proven’s trailer hitch locks are some of the highest-rated on the market, and they prevent your safety chains and your trailer from being cut or picked.

Amplock and Proven trailer locks both fall within the same pricing range, but that’s where the similarities end. However, investing extra money to preserve a costly trailer with actual contents makes sense.


A wide range of sizes, customizability, and top-notch protection.


Expensive and bulky

  1. Tow Ready GorillaGuard Coupler Lock

Check out the Tow Ready GorillaGuard coupler for a less expensive option. Designed to protect locks against tampering devices, this product is compatible with most 2-inch couplers.

According to the manufacturer, this coupler may only be used with couplers having a width (including the lip) of 3-13/16 inches or less and a lip height of 5/16 inches or less.

You don’t have to worry about a burglar getting hold of the same key with this unusual surround lock. It’s intended to keep unattended trailers safe, but it’s also towable and doesn’t require any special tools to install.

There are two keys included with the Tow Ready GorillaGuard and a one-year guarantee.


Only available in a few sizes, one-year guarantee

What is a Hitch or Trailer Lock?

As the name implies, trailer locks are meant to prevent your trailer from being stolen. A hitch lock is a device that secures your trailer hitch and receiver so that an unauthorized person cannot remove the receiver.

This makes it impossible for a criminal to remove the trailer hitch unless the lock is disengaged.

When your trailer is unhitched from your car, you’ll need a trailer lock, also known as a coupler lock. It’s easy for a stranger to pull up to your trailer, hook it up, and drive away. It is impossible to drive off with a trailer tongue lock attached to the coupler on the tongue of a vehicle.

A hitch or trailer lock is a kind of insurance coverage for your trailer. A robber may drive off with your trailer if you don’t have one of these locks in the blink of an eye.

If a criminal wants something badly enough and has the time to break the lock, no lock will keep them from stealing it. The burglar may abandon up because of the difficulty posed by the lock, although this is not always the case.

How Do I Keep My Trailer from Being Stolen?

If you leave your trailer alone, the first line of protection against theft is a trailer hitch lock. A robber may back a truck up to it and drive away if no alarm system is in place. This is the kind of crime that takes place in the open.

To access your trailer, a thief will now need equipment and produce noise, which will deter them from attempting to steal from you.

However, even the invincible AMPLOCK or Proven hitch lock cannot overcome one major weakness: In other words, the coupler.

The coupler that connects the trailer to the tow vehicle’s ball hitch on many smaller trailers is kept in place by a few nuts.

To save money, you may remove the hitch ball coupler from your trailer straight tongue, bolt on a new one, then drive away with your lovely lock coupler still attached to the ground. Your bolts can be attached by tack welding.

If you ever need to repair the coupler, you’ll have to grind off the welds. Adding a trailer chock lock to one of the trailer’s wheels is a simple solution.

The removal of this additional layer of protection will necessitate additional instruments, which will take longer and make more noise.

You could, of course, bring your own set of wheels and tires. There is a good chance that your trailer will be stolen if you don’t mount it on blocks and remove your wheels and tires before jacking it up. It’s also a lot gentler on your tires if you’re storing it for a lengthy period—they’ll be far less likely to get flattened or rotten.

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