My Pick on the Best Dump Trailer For Concrete

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It all comes down to what you’re hauling. If you only need to move a small amount of brush or yard garbage, I recommend investing in a dump trailer.

For around the same money, you could purchase a reasonably beautiful secondhand single-axle dump truck for 7 to 10 thousand dollars.

It is permissible to tow a pickup truck carrying a dump trailer with 12 tons of stone on a single axle in Indiana.

Mulch is sometimes hauled in large dump trucks with sides of 6×10 or 6×12. They’ve got a swarm of Mexicans driving about like idiots, trying to do as much as they can.

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I’d recommend steering clear of dump trailers as far as hauling heavy loads. Just my two cents.

In my mind, the dump is the best option for the following reasons.

  • Maintaining the vehicle…$40.00
  • for two years of registration…$40.00

You don’t have to worry about transporting the old 1-ton dump full of rubble to Pat’s Pizza for lunch. You can leave it at the job site.

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Best Dump Trailer For Concrete

There is none in terms of both business and car insurance.

If only I could grab the crew taxi from my house before picking up my kids from their nanny’s house… priceless:”

“Bri-Mar dump trailers are the most cost-effective option for me. I have a 7 x 12 deck over here, and it’s perfect for what I want it to be used for. You should definitely get surge or electronic brakes, no matter which manufacturer you choose.”

A minimum of 60 projects have been completed perfectly with the PJ. Some loads are packed to the brim, while others are loaded with a bobcat and extend a few feet over the brim of the container.

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We built an 8-foot-tall wall between our house and a pole structure last year, thanks to my friend’s barrow, which he used to move numerous loads of rocks.

This method of transporting the stones and the bobcat worked well for him. For the ladder, I asked him to weld two roof-jacks to the side of the house.

Towable with either a Ford F250 or an Excursion, the trailer weighs in at 4,500 pounds when empty.

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