7 Must-Have & Best Dump Trailer Accessories

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There has never been a better time to pursue your ambitions as a digital nomad by purchasing a small trailer or pop-up camper and living in a self-sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t cost (or hurt) the environment.

When living in a trailer, the sky’s the limit. A trowel and a towel may suffice for some campers, but we’re aware that not everyone (including ourselves) adheres to this philosophy.

To bring you the trendiest, most useful, and greatest trailer accessories, we’ve combed the web for the best. After all, it’s a high-quality product.

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Best Dump Trailer Accessories

  1. Powerpack 450+

Drones, cellphones, and other equipment may be charged while living off the grid without the need for a full-scale electrical system.


The Powerpack 450+ may be an essential item in this list for weekend warriors. With a lithium-ion battery tucked away inside a stylish, ultra-portable design, this mobile battery bank is anything from ordinary.

It can power everything from a USB fan to a jigsaw and charge your laptop up to eight times. Off-grid adventures are made that much easier with this handy piece of gear in your trailer life arsenal.

We’ve been using the Powerpack 450+ while traveling around Sardinia, and it’s a sturdy piece of equipment.

In comparison to other versions on the market, this one doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky, and it’s packed full of safety measures to keep you and your stuff safe.

The 450+ is my best buddy because of its plenty of outlets, including USB-C for quick charging.

You may also use a solar panel to charge your phone while you’re on the road, so you don’t have to continuously return to the campground if you intend on spending a lengthy period on the road.

  1. The Stoplock Wheel Lock.

Your new trailer and RVR robot have cost you a lot of money, so the last thing you want is for someone to break in and steal it while you’re out for a stroll or a nap in the garden!

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Even though the Stoplock Wheel Lock isn’t one of the most eye-catching items on our list of the finest trailer accessories, its use and importance cannot be overstated.

To put it another way, how does the wheel clamp work? On the other hand, the wheel lock system can be installed on any vehicle, whether it is a family saloon or a 4×4 monster camper, and is made to resemble a cutting from the Hulk’s toenail.

Aside from being a visual deterrent, it is also resistant to various power tools. Any would-be break-in attempts using an electric saw in broad daylight will be met with a resounding failure.

It just takes a few seconds to install, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day with complete peace of mind.

  1. Rockerball

If you’re planning a road trip across some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet, this is a must-have accessory.


There is a device called the Rockerball, and it performs far more than you may expect. You’re probably familiar with the annoyances that potholes and uneven terrain may bring while towing an off-road trailer since you’ve probably experienced them yourself.

The Rockerball has a function called ‘ShockDrop’ that reduces the shock you feel when pulling your small house and gives a more pleasant ride.

As opposed to cheaper trailer hookups, the Rockerball’s cushioned isolators reduce annoying rattling noises, and you can drive with confidence, knowing that shock loads will be reduced should you find yourself in a situation where you need to brake suddenly, reducing the risk of an unsafe situation for you and other drivers.

Most ball installations are compatible with the Rockerball’s forged steel design, which can support trailers weighing up to 7,500 pounds. It’s not terrible for a steel ball.

  1. Tyre Pressure Monitoring system

Our trailer accessories list includes the following item on our list, which allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s upkeep without ever having to leave the forest!

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Without any prior technical expertise, the Autel TS401 tire pressure monitoring system displays your tires’ precise pressure and temperature.

As both readings are displayed on the LCD, you can easily detect any issues that may be developing before they become a problem (or more likely at the side of the road crying into a cheeseburger).

For the scanner to operate, it requires sensors to be placed on your trailer’s tires. It’s then a simple matter of setting up the device near your camper and using it to check the pressure in each tire to see if there are any issues before continuing your journey.

You can use it on any car, and it’s entirely wireless, which is the most admirable feature. You don’t have to scribble all over the floor and ruin your favorite pair of pants!

Best Dump Trailer Accessories

  1. BioLite Camp Stove

It’s hard to beat the BioLite Camp Stove for the finest trailer accessories because it’s both an efficient campfire and a USB charging station in one.


When you get to your location, you’ll need something to cook with and something to keep your campsite warm.

Your favorite camping foods may be prepared with ease thanks to the Bio Lite Camping Stove, which can be used to cook food from the ground up, or eco-friendly pellets.

Using this ingenious method, you can create a brilliant, smokeless flame with little to no effort. Oh, and it can also recharge your mobile device.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. By converting fire into electricity, the BioLite Camp Stove provides a way to power up your gadgets late at night or in a gloomy woodland setting. It even comes with a bulb so that you can light up your environment.

In just 4.5 minutes, the kit can boil 1L of water, and it packs down to the size of a water bottle, making it ideal for bringing on excursions in the wilderness. Adding an Omnia Oven to your mobile kitchen will make even the bears envious!

  1. InstaPrivy.

The next item on our list of the finest trailer accessories is one that you should always have on hand and ready to go for any upcoming journeys.

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The InstaPrivy folds up and fits into the rear of most standard-sized backpacks to make it easier to transport.

The main component is an olive green pop-up privacy shelter with an easy-clean folding seat.

As a result, the privacy shelter does not require any zips or poles and is set up in only a few minutes, and the package includes everything you need to keep yourself clean and dispose of your waste correctly.

If you plan on living off the grid for an extended time, the Instaprivvy would be the ideal solution to your sanitation needs.

The seat element of the system is quite sturdy and robust, and the bag that everything folds up into looks pretty interesting. InstaPrivy users would be the only ones who would know that you were carrying a portable toilet.

  1. Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit

Fireside Outdoor’s portable fire pit may be one of the greatest trailer accessories you’ll ever find on the internet if you prefer traditional campfire cooking and want to be able to cook a large number of sausages or burgers all at the same time.


All BLM and USFS standards are met, and the food is some of the tastiest available with this 6061 aluminum portable inferno.

The Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit can be erected in only 60 seconds and cool down in 90 seconds. A heat barrier and ember guard are included, so you may cook without fear of igniting the grass or destroying the trees in the vicinity.

It folds up into a bit of carrying bag the size of a standard camping chair, and you can store this in your trailer all year round for usage whenever the mood strikes.

A mere 8lbs in weight won’t make a visible impact on your setup.

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