5 Best Drain Down Hose Kits to Try

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We’re here to advise you on which best drain down hose you need to get. The 5 recommended are high quality, do not kink and will deliver the best value.

Best Drain Down Hose

  • Dickie Dyer 991866 11.092 Drain Down Hose Kit 10m


This is just as described! It is extremely flexible and the internal bore is the exact fit for my needs. It comes with jubilee clip, allowing for a secure “lock” to the drainage valve, giving you that extra peace of mind.

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It is built to be VERY durable, useful and will provide you with many years of service. Delivery of the item is fast and on time too.


  • Made from the best brands in the business so they know their stuff.
  • Non-kink design makes draining heating systems easy
  • Made from high quality materials with longer service years than average drain hose
  • Vinyl-dipped hose clip is easy to adjust.


  • It costs more than competing products out there.
  • Not sold with a plumb tub like many hose kits on the market.

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Best Drain Down Hose Kit

  • Neish Tools Drain Down Hose 15 Metre


I got this product off Amazon and it did an amazing job too. It worked well on a clients system and fits her drain cock, while still being long enough to spare.

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You should try this out if you cannot afford the Dickie Dyer Hose Kit.

  • Drain Down Hose 15M


Artic Hayes Drain Down Hose is produced from flexible and tough red-rubber hose that doesn’t kink or tear with frequent use.

It is ideal for most plumbing drain-downs out there with an internal diameter of 1/2 inch. Outer diameter: 3/4 inch (12.7 mm ID x 19.05 mm OD). Length: 15 meters. Kit includes: 1x Rubber Drain Down Hose, 15 Meter Length, 1x Thumb Screw Hose Clip and 2x Reusable Velcro Ties.

This is a great steal for it’s price!

  • REGIN REGR09 Drain Down Hose Kit

While some people may complain that this hose is expensive for hose, you get what you pay for. Clients I got this hose for have any complained and it has lasted them several years, and never kinks.

  • Monument Plumbers Central Heating System Drain Down Hose 15m 2404H MON2404

The Monument Drain Down Hose is made to lay flat when draining down a central heating system and unlike standard hose pipe, it lets water to flow with gravity.

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This kit is complete and comes with a hose clip to affix to the drain off cock. The silicone rubber hose can be coiled with ease with hook loop fasteners for transporting or storing.

The length is Length: 15m, Internal diameter: 12mm and Outside diameter: 19mm.

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