TOP 10 Best Dirt Bike Socks for Every Occasion

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Buying the best dirt bike socks brands is top priority when it comes to gearing things up for a ride.

Here are some of the best dirt bike socks on the market:

  • Klim Covert Gore-Tex Sock (CHECK ON AMAZON)
  • O’Neal MX Hunter socks
  • Fox Women’s Mata Drip MX Socks
  • Fly Racing Mx Pro Thin Socks
  • Fox FRI Thin CZAR Socks
  • SIXS Long Compression Motorcycle Socks
  • Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks
  • Alpinestars Long Tech MX Thick Socks
  • Shift Whit3 Muse Socks
  • Fox Youth Girl’s MX Socks

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Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Socks for every Occasion




  • Klim Covert Gore-Tex Sock
The best riding socks money can buy CHECK ON AMAZON
  • O’Neal MX Hunter socks
Budget-friendly dirt bike socks CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Fly Racing Mx Pro Thin Socks
Cheapest dirt bike socks SEE ON AMAZON
  • O’Neal MX Hunter socks

The materials 80% acrylic quality, with 15% polyamide, and 5% spandex.

The pair is knee-high, offering protection to your feet and are available in yellow, black, and grey.

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The design is pretty and price is affordable too. Less than 15 dollars.

  • Fly Racing Mx Pro Thin Socks

Being waterproof is an added bonus of this socks. It covers your ankle, and foot; offering protection from weather elements as you ride.

The unique design helps wick away sweat and is available in black & blue, orane & purple and green & black color variant.

  • Fox Women’s Mata Drip MX Socks

This sock is designed for women and are available in pink and black.

The materials are 89% Acrylic 7% Nylon 3% Polyester 1% Spandex. The stockings offer extra comfort as you slip them on.

They have a very thick layer of protection for the ankle and foot.

The important factor is safety of your leg as you ride. It’s price is excellent too and is amonts one of the best winter socks for women.

  • Fox FRI Thin CZAR Socks

This sock is available in the following colors:

black and white

red, white and black

white pink black

Black Red and Yellow

The material quality is very high, and it really is comfortable even while riding. The socks are water resistant and will keep your feet dry and cool as you ride.

The stocking also provides a perfect layer of protection for your ankle and feet thanks to its arch support technology.

  • SIXS Long Compression Motorcycle Socks

This sock is available in 3 different color: black and green, black and gray and black and orange.

These socks feature high quality materials made from 62% polypropylene, 22% polyamide, 16% elastomer.

These socks do not smell. That is because they do not support the growth of harmful bacteria. They’re water resistant too.

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The stockings provide a perfect protection layer for the foot and ankle. Their price is very cheap and I highly recommend these socks.

  • Klim Covert Gore-Tex Sock

These costs more; around 130 dollars. This is because they’re highly resistant to water even if you place your feet in a puddle of water.

The high-quality cotton that protects the stockings from exposure to water. The comfort and durability this sock bring is high quality.

Made from very high-quality cotton and can handle all terrains well.

  • Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks

These socks are made form high-quality materials that reach the knee and offer a protective layer for the foot and ankle.

In addition, it comes in gray and black variant. I personally recommend them since they are very cheap.

  • Shift Whit3 Muse Socks

These socks boast of an excellent upholstery and very-high quality materials that have high resistance to water.

They’re sold in yellow and black colors.

  • Alpinestars Long Tech MX Thick Socks

These socks are thick, well made, and resistant to water.

In addition, the socks offer an excellent protective layer for the foot.

The socks are available in red and black color.

This stocking is definitely an amazing stocking and costs about $32.

  • Fox Youth Girl’s MX Socks

This sock is available in pink and black and white colors and in my opinion comes with a design that looks great!

It is made from 69% acrylic 25% nylon 5% polyester 1% lycra materials that adds to the comfort of socks and in addition to the socks up to the knees which gives a good layer of protection on the legs I strongly recommend these socks for women.

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Best dirt bike socks

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Socks?

  • The material the Sock is Made From

Choose a high-quality material that best suits you. Remember, your comfortability is of topmost importance here.

The weather season will affect your choice too. Silk, cotton, and wool are some of the popular options out there.

For example, with a rainforest, you should buy stockings like cotton or wool so you do not have a cold foot.

  • Sock Height

This is yet another factor you should consider when shopping for socks. It is crucial to pick ones that reach the ankle height so your leg enjoy the additional layer of protection for the foot.

  • Padding

Upholstery is crucial to the protection of the foot. It should be snuggly and comfy yet offer the air, comfort, and protection your leg needs.

Double check to ensure the amount of padding the shoe has is not too strong.

  • Fit

The socks you pick need to match the rest of your outfit. It shouldn’t appear too big that the rest of your dirt bike dressing looks odd or awkward. But it should be in line with the rest of your costume.

  • Price

Aim for a middle ground. Avoid socks that are too cheap, and don’t go for really expensive socks unless of course, you can afford them.

It is very important to understand that the lower the sock, the lower the quality of the materials. The higher the price, the better the socks.

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