Tips & the Best Dance Shoes for Bunions

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Having bunion does not make it easy to find dancing shoes since most dancing shoes are made o be tight without lots of room for the toe. The shoes recommended here are not only great for bunions but are great dancing shoes for people experiencing plantar faciitis, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, etc.

Best Dance Shoes for Bunions

Here are some of the highest quality shoe that has a wider top of toe box and allow the big toe to be as straight as possible and can comfortably fit a bunion:

  • Capezio Women’s 700 T Strap Character Shoe


I like the simplicity of this shoe and we like the fact that it can be purchased in an extra-wide size, which means you simply order the wider size and you should have a shoe that will fit your bunion and make you more comfortable.

  • Dance Class T101W Beginning Tap Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Like the shoe above, these can and should be ordered in a wider size if you want to make them ideal for bunion.

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It is one of the few children’s tap shoes that are available in a wider size.

  • Dance Class T100 Flexible Tap Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)


Although this dance shoe is not available in a larger size, it features an ideal toe box and is built out of flexible material that should contour to the shape of your child’s bunion and foot.

  • Capezio Women’s CG16 Flex Mastr Tap Shoe


Like the T100 above, this one has an ideal toe box for a tap-dancing shoe combined with a flexible material that will contour to the shape of your bunion.

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  • Elegance

These are very soft and feel incredible on the feet. You should order a lower XW for yourself.

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What does that mean? It means if you’re a size 10, order a size 9 XW because a size 10 would be too big for you.

Arch support is great! The inner side of the shoe boasts of a soft and comfortable cushion which in addition to the soft material of the shoes makes the foot feel like it’s in the cradle.

The heel is optimal for me: not flat and not too high so you can keep them on for a long period of time without feeling pain.

Despite being of pretty large size they still look nice and far not as wide as they feel so I wear them with skirts and dresses and it looks nice.

Things to Consider

Different people will have different experiences with the same shoe. So keep that in mind.

You should consider beating your shoe up. Take them to a shoe distributor in your locality. People do it, even ballet dancers break in their shoes by beating them up before ever wearing them. They wouldn’t need any breaking in if they’re made of super-soft leather.

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How to Beat a Shoe to Break it in

  • Knead the toe box to break up the structure a bit.
  • Then, roll it up toward the shank (beginning at the tip of the toe box), like you would roll a newspaper.
  • Next, unroll it, and re-roll it, but this time, rolling the tip down and under.

The point is you want to beat up the toe box until it’s soft. Then it will conform a bit better to your foot, which is very helpful when dealing with bunions.

By the way, this will reduce the aesthetic life of your shoe. I found that this didn’t matter much for me since they look fairly dirty after only a few competitions anyway, and for practice, I didn’t care if they looked a bit fuzzy.

I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck. I know how much bunions can suck

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