TOP-Rated & 5 Best Curling Shoes Reviews

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The top-rated curling shoes I’d recommend include a pair of Balance Plus shoes and Goldline shoes. The source of this information of from more than 10 years of curling experience.

I prefer the Balance Plus shoes because I have seen Goldline shoes fall apart after one season of use and their sliders are nowhere near as nice as Balance Plus. Asham is cool shoes to own too.

As with any purchase, you will get what you pay for!

If you want to play well or learn to play well – buy a quality shoe.

Invest in a shoe that fits your foot properly. Go to a location with ice and try them – have a slide!

I have used Balance Plus shoes for 10 years I have been curling and have been more than satisfied. I’ve worn a pair of 200’s (2 years, but grew out of them) 2 pairs of 300’s (1 year, but wanted the split spider so I upgraded ton that and that pair lasted me 4 years), and currently using a pair of Deluxes (last 2 seasons) which I love. Simply the best out there!

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Best Curling Shoes Reviews

Well, I would say there are 3 brands you could go for including Asham, Balance Plus, Goldline.

  • Balance Plus

These big boys are the major supplier of the best curling shoes on the market. They’ve got a large range from top to more standard shoes.

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No matter the size of your feet or your needs, they have something suitable for everyone. They aren’t as great as they used to be, but they’re still comfy, quality shoes.

In the past, the shoes can go more than 8 seasons but now, it begins to fall apart after two.

  • Asham

Asham has similar durability to Balance Plus but it allows the user to change the sliders as one experience, level, or requirement changes.


The sliders will always outlast the shoe itself. There is no difference for Asham in terms of the right to left as they have circular sliders that are attached with Velcro and can be removed.

  • Goldline

Goldline has increased its customer base over the years. That is due to the increase of pretty good reviews.

I have heard that their lower-end shoes are not of great quality but that changes when you get to the top end. They are usually cheaper I think and they presently have a sale as they typically release new shoes in the autumn.


When the teflon on the bottom of the shoes get thicker they lose some flexibility. A lot of curlers play with a raised toe and require the slider to bend, so that is what the hinge is for!

My recommendation would be Balance Plus 100/200’s. They are not top of the range but they are cheap and they were good enough for curlers in the Olympics 12 years ago!

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I started with Balance Plus 300’s with 1/4inch hinged sole. Had a couple of pairs of Asham Ultralites and I am now on my second pair of Balance Plus 500’s.


As soon as you get the shoes, put moleskin inside the heel. This is because curling shoes wear out inside of the heel! The inside lining of the heel will wear out LONG before the Teflon. Replace the moleskin frequently and your shoes will last longer.

A heel liner will help lock your heel into your shoe properly and will reduce wear. Moleskin does this too. You can use the combo to prolong the life of your shoe.

What to Watch out for When picking a Shoe

Here are some quick things to look forward to in a shoe:

  • Performance

Pick a shoe over a step-on slider for better improvement. You will enjoy better balance, and have a better rock weight control.

  • Thickness

The thickness of the Teflon slider on a shoe affects how faster/further you can go. So, go for thicker ones; I’m talking either 1/16” thick (typical one) or 1/4” (Olympic size).

You don’t need to use the size of Olympians but consider it.

Also, a thicker Teflon in the bottom of your shoe makes you feel an inflexible board on your shoe. You’d notice this when you sleep, though a lot of people don’t have any problem with it.

  • Delivery

According to the USCA and CCA, when you deliver a stone, you need to keep your heel flat on the ground. This includes when you first begin to move in teh hack and bring your foot back as well as when you are tucked up and delivering.

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A lot of people find it hard to keep their foot flat on teh ground. The hinged slider lets them to raise their heel and keep their toe Teflon flat on the ice.

Remember, the thicker the Teflon, the harder it is to flex your foot.

  • Your Goals

Curling shoes aren’t cheap, so pick one that meets your present and future needs.

Unless you curl almost every day, your shoes should last quite a while for you. So, I tell people to buy shoes for the level they want to aspire to in teh next few years.

When you begin curling more often, and you get better, you may shop around for better performance shoes, but the shoes you are wearing have lots of life in them, and you can’t justify buying new ones when your current ones still work.

  • Avoid Dead Cheap Shoes

I NEVER recommend really cheap entry-level shoes because they are usually poorly made. You basically get what you pay for.  Because they sell so few pairs of curling shoes each year compared to say normal gym shoes, the prices are at completely different levels. I typically think that a $150 pair of curling shoes are probably the same quality as a $50 pair of Nike gym shoes. a $100 pair of curling shoes is equal to a $30 pair of Nike gym shoes (if you can find one that cheap). And a $250 pair of curling shoes is like a $100 pair of gym shoes. Hope this helps and does not confuse you more.

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