Spacious & the Best Coop For Meat Chickens

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Getting the best coop for meat chickens ensures your birds are well cared for and provided a good, quality life before you cull them.

Whether you’re keeping two or more meat chickens in a coop, make sure you get the best quality that you can afford – it’s what a responsible chicken parent or farmer would do.

Best Coop For Meat Chickens

Learn about which chicken cages are best for meat birds:

  • Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop Multi-Level Hen House, Poultry Cage w/Ramps, Run, Nesting Box, Wire Fence, 3 Access Areas

I hesitated at first when I saw some negative reviews but decided to buy this anyway.

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So far, I’d say all has been well. The coop is excellent for it’s price and arrived in 2 boxes, and shipping was fast.

The pieces arrived and although they were not labeled, the instruction manual made them easy to assemble.

Best Coop For Meat Chickens

It was simple to assemble and only took me 30 minutes. The wood is very soft and it lacked a latch for the nesting box so I had to buy a latch for the box and some Thompson’s water seal to weatherproof it.

I also plan on adding 2x4s with rat wire to raise off the ground a bit and to prevent predators from tunneling under and getting access.

The negative reviews I came across were not true from my experience.

I was able to keep my 2-silkies, 2-frizzles And one leghorn. There was still space left after.

You can judge how big it is by comparing it to my standard one car garage door. I’m 5’3″ and you can see how I literally fit in the coop.

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  • OverEZ Medium Chicken Coop for Up to 10 Chickens – Nesting Box – Large Bird, Poultry and Hen House Made from Wood. Made in USA

This chicken coop is well built from quality materials.

It is the same quality as the hen houses you would see at shed places.


It is definitely not one of those pre-fab fir wood kits. Instead, this is a real hen house.

It is solid and sturdy and built to last a long time.

This coop – we unpacked it from the shipping crate, carried each pre-assembled wall unit thru our gate (no taking down the fence) and screwed the wall units together right in place, put the roof panel on and DONE!! 30 minutes start to finish.

I followed each step of the instructions in order and it goes together perfectly. It easily fits 10 full size large breed hens roosting at night, 5 on each roost with some room to spare.

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The 3 nest boxes are more than adequate for 10 hens.

Once assembled, there was plenty of room to mount my feeder and waterer on the back wall (by not utilizing the rear roosting bar.

The hens go in at night, shut the hen door to keep them safe and then let them back out early the next morning to free range or roam in your fenced chicken yard area.

Some reviews say it does not fit 10 full size hens – they must not be allowing their hens out during the day?? This is a hen house, not a chicken yard/pen. This is for them to roost at night and lay eggs during the day – coming and going freely thru the hen door. This is not meant to be all the space they have – just for nights and to lay.

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